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  1. youngatheart

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    How is your mom/gran doing? Hugs to you all, especially your mom/gran.
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  2. KayL

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    Hope one of them post soon......

  3. froggysweet25

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    Hello, My grandma is doing fine i went to spend the weekend with her. They had to cut her chemo short on friday because she was very much congested. But she is very strong. And i was very happy to her that way. But her cough is still really bad. I could see her pain every time she coughed. But i gave her a hug everytime i saw her, and a very big one before i came home. BUt thank you for your concern and help. Froggy
  4. Jinx69

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    Oh Froggy, I'm so glad that you got to spend some time with Grandma. Glad for you to see that she is a survivor. Keep hugging her as often as you can, and in your heart! Tell us more! How's your mom doing?

    Love you!
  5. froggysweet25

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    My mom is doing good. She is being so strong about everything. She starts work this week so she is a little stressed she cant be with my grandma. But overall she is good. yes spending time with my grandma showed me that she will be o.k, and she is fighting this all the way. Iam so proud of her. Iam also proud of my mom for being so strong through this. But agian thank you for everything. Anna (froggy)