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    I am going to have a muscle and nerve test next Tuesday. My husband asked my Rhuemy for an MRI of my neck and my lower back because of some numbness in my fingers (neck) and having to help myself cross my right leg over my left one, and sometimes having trouble moving my foot from the brake to the gas etc. Instead he wants to set me up for this test. Has anyone here had it? What were the results? I have heard it is quite painful, what do you think? Thank you for any information.

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    You will hear different responses as far as the pain from the nerve testing.
    It was somewhat painful for me. But it will be ok. The pain won't last to long.
    Try not to keep your muscles tense.
    You may or may not be a little sore for a few days. I went back to work the next day. I worked in a factory with alot of lifting.
    My results showed carpal tunnel,Pinched Ulnar nerve in the elbows and damage to C2,C3,C4,C5,C6.
    I also had MRI of the lumbar spine,which showed sciatica, and had the injections for this. Unfortunately the injections did not help.
    I would have the test done,it will let your Dr know what is going on. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck and Hugs, Robin
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    i just had this done a few months ago, cause of numbness & tingling too. they put electrodes on ya & zap you, also they did sme kinda electrode thing with a needle on my legs, now that kinda pinched & it hurt when they turned onthe juice,lol. but all in all it wasent too bad.

    Also had an MRI of my brain& lumbar area.they found bulging discs and arthritis, and lesions on my brain,they said those were from Migrains. Dr was ruling out MS. the MRI was worse than the electrode thing.
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