Muscle atrophy

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    In October of 2007, I had a severe flareup. I was in bed literally for 6 weeks, then was shipped to a mental hospital for another week because "it had to be depression" - you know how the story goes.

    I have never fully recovered. I am exhausted all the time. I have trouble moving. I feel weaker and weaker all the time. I cant lift anything - even a 5 pound weight for me is extremely heavy.

    I feel like my muscles have "atrophied", which is partial or complete wasting away of the muscle. Outside of lifting weights, is there anything I can do? Does anyone else feel this happening to them?
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    You can try loading up on vitamin D and B vitamins and get a complex like spirutein. See if a month on all those vitamins and minerals helps. That's all that has ever really helped me.

    My muscles and joints are gone. I'm starting to get terrible problems with discs in my back and my right hip seems to keep nearly dislocating. The disease hasn't allowed me to exercise in years. It's horrible.
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    There is a product called Juven that is given to HIV and cancer patients to help restore their muscles. They have a web site, and it is also available at some of the major drug store chains. I've used this and my subjective unscientific impression is that it helps me.

    Juven is not cheap. But I found a product called Muscle Armour that costs a tad less and appears to have the same primary ingredients as Juven. It seems to be helping me. And now I only take it once a day.

    I've had zero problems with Juven, but some people have problems. Please read here: . This link also points out some possible ways to make your own solution.

    I also do some easy exercise lying down. Like simply bending at my ankles, arm curls, etc. with no weights. I started at three reps each, but you could do only one rep if you like. The main thing is to just make sure your muscles are moving a bit each day.
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    i had a severe relapse about 2years ago and giving myself B12 injections is what pulled me out of it along with my regular vitamins and whey protein powder is used by body builders to build muscle i too have had muscle wasting from being bedbound and seemed to recover some of it when i was up and walking but i am still unable to exercise as much as i would like i have tried dancing to favorite music just 1,2,3, minutes to start and it increased my ability to walk longer distances also i started vitamin d3 a few months ago and it has increased my energy hope it helps and you are feeling stronger soon.
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    I've had muscle wasting the past couple of years, but it did get better when I was prescribed some mild physical therapy. Even lifting your arms 3-4 inches with NO weights -- any sort of movement will help, slowly but surely.

    It hurt a lot at first, but rested and stopped for some days, and eventually I did gain strength and put on a little muscle (at age 51). Now I've lost some weight again, and muscle, so I have to start over...

    Plus you might try digestive enzymes and/or betaine HCL (if your stomach isn't producing enough hydrochloric acid) help digest what you eat.

    I looked at Juven, but was turned off by the price, and all the artificial colors and flavors. I wonder if just taking the amino acids listed in the product would help?


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    >>I wonder if just taking the amino acids listed in the product would help?

    The core ingredients of Juven appear to be 1.5g HMB, 7g L-Arginine and 7g L-Glutamine. Muscle Armour adds Taurine. I am not familiar with HMB, but a Google search turned up some information.

    There are also some other ingredients, but we might already be getting those with multi-vitamins.

    Anyway, maybe I should start making my own mix.

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    You may be seriously lacking certain nutrients which can make you feel like your muscles are being starved, well because essentially they are. You may want to consider getting your nutrient levels checked before you try anything for atrophy (if you have not already done so).

    I was severely B12 and Magnesium deficient and it made me feel like my entire muscular system was wasting away but it turned out it wasn't atrophy, it was instead deficiency. I would just hate to see you spend a great amount of money when it could very well be that you only need some $10 supplements.

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    Hi - Besides B12 and magnesium, another thing you should get your vitamin D levels tested, especially if you've been indoors so much. Low vitamin D can cause fatigue and muscle weakness.

    And of course, you should get your thyroid levels checked, and make sure they are at least not near the low normal range.

    Building up muscle is hard, but important, for people with fibromyalgia. You may need to work with a physical therapist who is familiar with fibromyalgia, in order to work out a treatment plan to help keep your muscle strength. - Mark