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    hi all, got the results of my muscle biopsy today, and as usual--it was a big fat "I DON'T KNOW!!!!!"
    the results were "inconclusive" said the doctor, who stated "i'm no expert (then WHO IS????????????), there were some mild abnormalities but i haven't found anything on the internet to decipher them for me.
    anyone else out there had this done, and your results? I would so love to have SOMETHING cut and dry to go on, or at least to tell the evil insur. company people WHY i can't work, so SOMEONE will believe me!!
    Please, any info appreciated! thanks to all of you for listening--Laurie
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    I would like any info on this too. Thanks for asking about this. If our our muscles do not show any damage, then maybe FM is definately caused by a damaged CNS.
    I'm sorry it didn't help you.....I know how THAT feels.
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    bump--any other info for laura and I??thanks--laurie
  4. Many years ago that is how I was diagnosed with fibro. My Dr. at the time had me get a muscle biopsy and he said it showed inflammation? He said I had fibromyositis, which it was called at the time. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as it is now and I had many decent years. I wish I could go back to that pain now, it was so much better then.