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  1. STEFFI43

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    Does anyone experience severe muscle cramps in their back? These cramps only last a minute or so, but I cannot move until they subside. Am I missing something in my diet?


  2. mujuer

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    Look up the threads on myofacial pain. P
  3. cct

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    Magnesium, calcium, and potassium have helped me along with heating pads and epsom salt baths.
  4. monalisa3

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    I get severe, violent muscle spasms in neck and upper back. They last for days or even weeks sometimes. Has anyone experienced this? I take magnesium powder but doesn't seem to help. Any input would be great...
  5. FANNtasy

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    Hi, I have suffered most of my life with what was called "Charlie horses," in my calves. This started at puberty, my Mom also suffers from them also since puberty, and she does not have FMS/CFS or anything.
    Since being dxed, my cramps have happened in my calves, my feet, my back, my stomach and my throat. Not a muscle spasm, like pulling my back out but cramps. I have tried magnesium, calcium, potasium all throughout my life. The only releif I found was in an rx called Quinine. Its a huge, bitter pill to swallow, but it helps EMENSLY. My Rheumy rxed it. Tonic Water also has quinine in it. That is bitter too. Tonic Water doesnt have enough quinine in it to keep the cramps at bay, only like 80mg per 8oz glass, so you would need to drink at least a liter a day but worth a try if you can handle the bitter taste, plus youll be getting your water in for the day! I opted for the pill, but it was like I said, huge and did leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I kept a bag of little swedish fish next to my bottle of pills. I would take a little fish and stretch it around the pill, careful not to get the powder on the outer of the fish. It worked. I was able to swallow the pill and no taste!!!! I dont know why they wouldnt coat a pill that tasts that nasty, but it did its job, so Im glad my doc knew about it.
    Good luck, Feel Well, Felicia
  6. lbuchanan3

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    Please look at the following link about Quinine. My mother has been taking Quinine for years for leg cramps and has gone almost completely deaf. I read another report from the FDA recently that Quinine should no longer be given for cramps because of this side effect. Please take it seriously and talk to your doctor about it, my mother never knew this was a side effect and niether did her doctor till I pointed it out to her.

    The FDA only recently ruled that it should not be used long term and should only be used for malaria.

    here is the link:

    Linda B

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