muscle cramps

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  1. Kailee

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    O my gosh ! The muscle cramps are horrable.!!! I get them in the weirdest places too, in my thighs, and in my stomach, if I move just the wrong way. No one gets me, I even get muscle cramps when Im stretching , or just climbing into bed. I get them in my feet, My toes cramp up , and cant straigten them out. It hurts really bad !
  2. brains

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    I too get cramps especially after eating ice cream as strange as it sounds i have found if i take potassium they leave iam not telling you to do the same.I think that i saw somewhere we have a probelm with it being low when it comes to this. maybe you should have your blood checked to see if it is ok. hope it helps
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    hi again Kailee

    Some people have posted magnisuem(?) helps. I haven't tried it yet.

    Ive had some real grabbers in my calves and toes(about everywhere) that had me yelling out loud!

    Hope you feel better soon
  4. I was getting them really bad, the dr ignored me, then a blood test showed I was really low in potassium. good luck.
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    Please try a balanced Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc supplement that you can pick up in just about any store. Taken twice a day it should help to alleviate all cramping in muscles. I also agree with having your Potassium levels checked.

    The Cal/Mag/Zinc works great but must be in a balanced combo form to get the best benefits. Mine is 999mg Cal/ 399mg Mag/ 15mg zinc.

    I've recently had to readjust when I take mine due to an allergy med being added to my daily pills and in 2 short weeks, I'm in pain again, yuck. I can only take mine at lunch now due to thyroid meds in the morning/allergy meds at night.


  6. Asatrump

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    I have had various muscles, mostly back, neck "seize up" solid. The muscle becomes like a brick. soma helps a bit, massage a bit, but mainly when that happens I count on three days on the couch. Sometimes my lower back/sacro will have almost an aura that it intends to seize.... then I take soma before it actually happens.

    I have not found any supplements that make any difference.

    I am 64 and remember hell night as a college freshman back in 1962. Upper classmen had us squatting for what seemed to last for ever while they yelled at us. The rest of the world got up and walked away... I spent the next three days in agony walking, and stairs were the worst, and sure enough I lived on the third floor of the dormitory. I wondered back then why my legs reacted in a way that nobody else appeared to..

    I also had a scary moment in pregnancy #2 ( out of 2) when at 7 months my belly muscles seized up. I flopped in bed, but could not move to the left or the right, scared silly. Had my husband put hot /wet towels and finally was able to roll to my side. It appeared to have nothing to do with labor, just that those muscles supporting the belly decided they had enough weight and were going to protest.