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    I am curious about something and thought the people here would know.

    I am 55 and been having cramps in different locations. Like my toes for instance when I squat down or flex my toes, behind my leg in the knee joint area, my my neck and jaw if I yawn. The one that is bothering the most is in my chest on the left side where the muscle joins to the sternum near the diapham I guess. That one if I lean over to tie a shoe or put on a bra will cramp up and I have to stop it will release you can see the muscle move to release very weird and painful. I saw the doctor first he did an ekg for my heart. He wouldn't even listen to me about the cramp he poked around on my chest area between the breasts which isn't where the cramp is. Wrote me a prescription for Meloxicam. My question is are cramps like this a fibro symptom? I have other medical problem that are vague one doctor told me I have Central Sensitivity syndrome at the time I wasn't having this cramping problem. I have an inner ear disesase that affects my balance so I don't get much activity am getting older and thought maybe I am so out of shape my muscles are cramping. thanks
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    muscles cramp: deficiency in magnesium, calcium, potassium, water, etc.
    lack of exercise or lack of movement for long periods of time: consider doing stretches before doing housework, walking; gentle massaging to deep tissue to work out knots, stiffness.

    i get costochronditis often along with regular muscle pain at the ribs, sternum - some of this is fibro related and some is due to thoracic spine problems such as deteriorating discs.

    ask your doctor for meclizine to help with the dizziness that comes from inner ear problems. i think this would get you back to doing more things.

    sleep with pillow under feet or between knees to help with back, edema, cramping.

    good luck, blessings

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    to help massage the knots out of my legs & my back. I use it on the bed. Go slow