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    want to try and get some muscle tone basckl. ververyvery slowly.


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    Joyce, it's been 2 years since I felt I had the energy to do any exercise (I do walk to the store and post office when I can). But I did yoga then, and bought an easier book for when I could try it again.

    Hopefully other people who've actually done something will reply!
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    That was a HUGE problem for me. In my case nutritional supplemenmts helped a lot, as well as steps to address the hypercoagulation, but I didn't really see a difference until I started taking antibiotics for the mycoplasma that was identified in my blood stream. I did find that continuing the nutritional supplements was essential, and graded exercise helps a lot too. However, I am convinced that healthy cells are essential to good muscle tone. I don't think ANY of the modalities I used would have been enough alone. Finding the right combination was key for me. I hope you will find the combination that works for you.

    Hang in there,

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    My doctor did a Creatine Serum test. It came back at zero. He said that without Creatine (which is a compound used to produce energy to the muscles) that I would become fatigued in very little time when doing any activity, such as walking up stairs.
    He gave me some liturature about it and it seemed to be more for short term endurance though. Body builders use it a lot.
    Either way he gave me the supplement and I have been on it about a month. I think it takes at least that long to get to the "normal" levels when starting at zero.
    So far I have only noticed that I have no more muscle "twitches" or spasms<?>. But it may be too soon to tell if it will help me be able to slowly start building up my strength.
    Madwolf posted some exercise info recently. Maybe you could find it by searching.
    Just checked. It was on page 1 posted as "should I sell my elliptical machine?"

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