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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by auntscary, Jun 13, 2012.

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    My regular doctor states that I probably have Fibromyalgia but need to see a Rheumatoid arthritis doc to determine it. Well, this doc I went to see really doesnt believe in it. My life has been so painful, and to the point where I just lay in my bed a cry my eyes out! They stated that I have Osteoarthritis and that is what is making my muscles hurt. WHAT? They gave me NO meds to help relieve the pain. All they said is to go swimming, and to loose weight. THAT WAS IT!!! What about my pain NOW! I can barely walk, stand, bend over, or do anything. I would like to have relief now! Do doctors make/let you go through pain? Is that what they do? I have other multiple things wrong with me. I think I will leave my body to science when I pass away. What should I do?!!!
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    I am so sorry you are not only experiencing ongoing pain, but also have not been treated with compassion by the medical doctor you went to see.

    I agree that you should seek a different Rheumatologist. The one you saw evidently did not have any fellow feeling. Even if he thought you had osteoarthritis, he could have addressed your pain.

    If you will tell me the basic area where you live I could do a search for you to find you a FM doctor. It is heartbreaking to know you and so many others get brushed off, leaving you crying in pain. My heart goes out to you.


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