muscle lumps?

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    does any one else have lumps in their muscles. I've never really noticed them before. They're about as big as marbles in the muscle of my upper leg. There's two in the right leg and one in the left. They're not attached to the skin. They are sore--it felt like I was getting a boil at first. I don't knoww if they're actually any more sore than the rest of the muscle now. You know what it's like to notice a lump anywhere--scary. But I think they are just something to do with the fibro. Do you think so too?
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    I have them all over my legs,back and ribs mostly. My doc comments all the time saying I have soooo many muscle spasms. I am on strong relaxers 2 a day, and this is the only way I can relax to sleep. It is most likely that I have stiffman's syndrome, docs say I am the worst they have makes for a very stressful/harsh life, because I cannot relax.
    A warm bath,gentle leg massage and muscle relaxers will help. My rheumy always examines my legs, but your primary can help with this too.
    (the calcium connection doesn't work for me, I am lactose intolerant and supposed to be on calcium, but I am not,so i am sure I do not have too much calcium...besides calcium in my blood has been checked and it is OK.)[This Message was Edited on 07/01/2006]
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    You might try reducing the amount of calcium you take.... assuming you take calcium.

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    Mine are in my arms, stomach and some in the legs, many in my forarms and under the forearm. Mine range from a pea size to a grape.
    My neuro looked at them last week but didn't say. He ran some blood work for muscle diseases. I did some research on them and one said it stores calcium in the muscle. I can't remember right now, fibrofog day.

    Google muscle diseases and see what you come up with- Carla