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    Hello Everyone,
    I am 56 years old and have fibromyalgia(since 1997) I am always searching for new information
    My husband of 38 years left me for another woman 2 years ago, I am waiting for my divorce trial and can say that as of today I am dealing with it. I am discovering small lumps in or on some of my leg muscles, my meds do not help this new pain. My doctor is not sure if it is related to the Fibro or not. We agreed to watch and wait for the lumps to grow,spread or go away. Has anyone else had lumps like this?
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    I have Fibro also, and I have these pea sized lumps over my *entire body*. They are just below the surface of the skin, not visible to the eye, but you can feel them. They are very painful, and tender.. I have asked 2 Dr's so far as to what they are or could be, and so far it's 2 for 2...I don't know, could be fat deposits...Ok, so are fat deposits tender????? I am not fat either, 5'6" and weigh 152 lbs, and I exercise daily.

    Anyway, that's the best way that I can describe them.....Not sure if this is what you have....