Muscle pain in jaw, and other ramblings

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by eccentric-eric, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. eccentric-eric

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    I have muscle problems in my jaw once in awhile that hurts when i do alot of chewing like with steak or sub sandwiches.
    also in my feet, legs, and hands when excersining. i need a comfort bike as my mountain bike is too hard on my hands and wrists and if i tense up too much they can get painfully sore to the point of torture while riding. same happens if i wax grandpas car. if i run then its my legs and feet. when i cross country and track in school i was told i had tenninitus but it's never went away for me. after all these yrs of searching for all my various different ailments i discovered CFS which explain how on earth i had soooo many different things.

    anyways after many attempts over the years i finally this yr i have to call it quits on running. PWC should walk, bike ride, or swim. so that's what i do. those 3. its devastating for a guy. running seems more for guys then walking. old men walk. i'm only 27. oh well. I started running in '94 and gave up several times in the last few yrs. see others out running, then get excited and try again then get discouraged as i can only make it 1/4 mile maybe 1/2 mile at best. when i was in school 2 miles was easy and i averaged at 5 miles. once i did 8miles during pratice and that was great!!! but now i can't even top a mile. blah!!!!

    with bicycling i can go up to approx. 8 miles out and back, 16 total. but now struggle with 5miles out this yr. i don't have a odometer so i am guessing.

    my hypoglycemia limits my physical act. drastically. everytime i turn around i'm hungry. my wife gets soooo tired of hearing "I'm hungry" every 1-2 hrs. she has to cook as i don't have interest and don't feel like it by the time i realize i'm hungry. If i cooked that's all i'd get done all day at my DD slow pace. she also gets tired of my talking about my CFS. I don't think she fully understands it so i always talk about it trying to help her understand. she won't read the brochures or anything. I also suffer from PDD-NOS. its unrelated to CFS. its a form of autism. some refer to it as Austic Spectrum Disorder. so i get obsessive in my interests because of that so people hear me talking the same stuff over and over. so i'm talking about my disablities to people over and over, and the more they don't understand the more i go on and on hoping they would finally get it. my grandparents still don't know what i deal with after all these yrs. they have no idea even though i tell them every month for yrs and yrs. plus they're getting old so i don't think they grasp stuff as great anymore.

    boy i had fun talking. wow that's more then what i was planning on saying. nice to have an outlet where i'm understood after all these yrs.

  2. eccentric-eric

    eccentric-eric New Member

  3. Hope4Sofia

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    I'm sorry you're feeling like no one understands you. These are frusterating and misunderstood DD's.

    I also get pain in my jaw. Can hardly talk sometimes. I have TMJ. Have you checked that out?

    My hands and feet are also very involved. I have a lot of pain. I take Neurontin which has helped to reduce that pain a great deal. It seems to be nerve-related.

    I also have hypoglycemia. Try packing snacks for yourself before you're hungry so you wife doesn't have to cook for you quite so often. A good protein snack like cheese and crackers or nuts or something can really help you get through the crash.

    About the obsessing. I can understand that as I have an anxiety disorder with OCD. But I've recently started taking Cymbalta to ease that and it has helped tremendously.

    It does put strain on your relationships to talk about this all the time. So, come to the board for empathy.

    Hope you're feeling some comfort.

    Take care,

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    I have been having my bottom teeth hurt for quite some time. I always think I am going to get a tooth ache but then it goes away after a while. This is only on my left side of my face. This seems to happen after I have chewed something hard like raw carrots or pretzels.

    Good Luck~~~~Maggie
  5. eccentric-eric

    eccentric-eric New Member

    the thing is snacks don't work except for 10-20 mins. i burn through light stuff like it's water. i need much solid food. my favorite meal are mexican foods and good pizza. feed me some burritos and i'm good to go for 3 hrs automatic guarantee. I live at Taco bell about 3-4 times a week and a real mex restarautn about 1-2 times in two weeks. i know i'm not sussposed to have flour tortillas however it's spelled. but i like them and if i don't make a pig of myself i won't feel too tired and bloated. i take a big meal from a restaraunt and split it into 2 meals. as mex meals are large. when younger as a runner i could eat the whole thing at once in a matter of 5-10 mins. wow. not anymore. i'd be sorry if i actually did.

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