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  1. shybarb

    shybarb New Member

    I've been having pains in my upper arms, thighs, and neck muscles since Aug. No joint pains at all. My Rheumatologist doesn't know why. He thinks it's some kind of viral infection. Anyone else have symptoms like these lasting so long? When I go to get in or out of the car or in and out of bed it's like my legs get paralyzed. Right above the knee area it's like my legs don't want to move. My upper arms ache and if I stretch too far it just about kills me. Feels like something pulls inside my arm and hurts a lot then the pain subsides a bit. The RA doesn't think I have FM or PMR which is Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I have no pain when I touch any painful areas.
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  2. AmazAunt

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    Sending lots of good wishes and empathy to you re: your pain.

    I don't know the answer -- seems that these chronic pain condition symptoms can vary from person to person, but much of what you describe is all too familiar, and yes, the symptoms lasting so long is common. Your Rheumy could be right that it's a virus, but have you ruled out other possibilities? (You may well have; just didn't say)

    I know it's a drag & can be expensive depending on your insurance, but have you had any neurological, orthopedic, or other work-ups? No joint pains may mean X-rays won't be revealing, but CATs, ultrasounds, or MRI might show something affecting muscles/connective tissues.

    Good luck. {{{{{hugs, if you want them}}}}}

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  3. Mini4Me

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    Could be from trigger points (chronic myofascial pain). Could be fibro. Did your Rhuemy give you the fibro test?
    Best of luck...
  4. shybarb

    shybarb New Member

    I have very good insurance, so I don't worry about that. The Dr has tested me for several things but no neurological or mri's or anything like that...only different blood tests. Lupus, RA, sed rate, cpk, cbc, stuff like that. I've been on Prednisone because my sed rate was elevated but my Drs tapering my dose of that now. I started with 30 mgs and I'm down to 10 mgs. I live in Northern Maine and if this condition continues once my prednisone is lowered to 5 mgs which is my drs goal, then I'm asking to be referred to Boston for another opinion.
  5. shybarb

    shybarb New Member

    My Dr doesn't think I have FM. None of my trigger points hurt to the touch which I think happens with FM. He did think I might have Polymyalgia Rheumatica but didn't think my sed rate of my blood was elevated enough to diagnose that. He says it could be a viral infection or some other thing he really doesn't know. I'm a 53 yr old female.
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  6. tngirl

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    and feeling paralyzed? are from two different things? I ask that because I have a movement disorder that got drastically worse.

    When I went back to the neurologist, he asked if I was taking any new medications.

    It so happens I had been put on Reglan. I have a lot of stomach/digestive problems and my primary care physician was trying to come up with a med to help that.

    I told him I had started taking Reglan and he said that it is a very common side effect of Reglan. People develop Parkinson like problems. He mentioned he had patients that couldn't turn over in bed or get out of the car, and they literally couldn't move their legs.

    Also my thumb and forefiner would make a motion just like I was holding a marble between them and rolling it. He said that was also the Reglan.

    I stopped the Reglan and now only have my "usual" movement disorders.

    This all happened before the severe onset of pain and fatigue.

    Later THAT started and I have the weakness and muscle pain.

    This is a very long post, sorry about the length.

    So I was thinking maybe your feeling with your legs and the muscle pain are from two different causees?

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  7. HeartsinOhio

    HeartsinOhio New Member

    Hi, I have the same pain and have had it for the past 7 years. I get that pain above my knees too, like they dont want to bend, seems to be in the muscle above the knee. You could have been describing me in what you wrote. I still dont have a definite DX after 7 years.
  8. shybarb

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    I'm not on any new meds that might have caused what I have. I was polyurethening about 200 boards in Aug when this happened. I thought it was from over exercise but the muscle pain didn't go away. I'm just hoping it goes away. I can bend my knees but if I try to raise my upper thighs say off a chair or into a car or onto the bed it's like they're frozen to move. Strangest thing I've ever had. I've been doing a one mile walk on a dvd I have and the lady has you kicking and raising your legs. I've been doing pretty well with that for the past week. The Dr suggested I try to exercise everyday and he said to start slow. Even though I'm able to kick and raise my legs to the exercise standing up, I still can't raise my thigh off the chair or onto the bed. I'm hoping the exercise will help since the Dr has been lowering my prednisone and I'm afraid my pain will return. I can handle the paralyzed feeling in my legs but not the pain when I get that along with it.
  9. shybarb

    shybarb New Member

    This has been going on with me since last August and I've never had any trigger points. My joints have never ached me at all. Only the muscles in my upper arms and both thighs.
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