Muscle problem - FM? Arthritis? Chronic Tension?

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    Hello folks.

    Not sure what my problem is other than it could be a result of chiro over-manipulations or wrong treatment.

    Affected areas/problem: Irritation/pain at base of skull and between shoulder blades. Tender spots on scalp.

    My story (sorry for the long post):

    Pre-manipulations showed mild arthritis and loss of curve to cervical spine. Prior to chiro adjustments there was absolutely no pain, just some loss of range of motion and an odd "thrusting" sensation in back of head when turning neck -- the reason for the visit. I thought possibly pinched nerve or muscle tension.

    Both the above were my conditions prior to adjustments done by a 1-year junior chiropractor in an established chiro practice that uses Applied Kinesiology treatments. After 10 manual neck manipulations and what was termed “chiro bear hug” to shoulder blade area...developed pain/irritation and odd sensations which progressed to become very troublesome and resorted in a trip to the emergency room, MRIs, MRAs, and bloodwork.

    The following shows symptoms progression over the past 7 months:

    1. Pain/irritation in the base of skull/scalp and between shoulder blades. With this irritation couldn’t even bear to wear necklace on nape of neck.

    2. Husband said that I looked stiff necked and rigid – mid back, shoulders, neck feel constant tension.

    3. Shooting odd sensations all throughout scalp/skull area with tender spots. Any massaging of neck or scalp created these sensations. (Neurologist per phone conversation suggested possible occipital neuralgia caused from manipulations.)

    4. Hypersensitivity to noise - sounds seemed to resonate off of skull and traveled somehow up back of neck. I couldn't even tolerate running water, cupboards closing, etc. if my head was bent down.

    5. "Yanking" sensation felt in neck when turning - much like a leash being yanked on.

    6. "Snapping" sound in lower cervical area when head is moved from one shoulder to next and forward and back.

    7. Crepitus when moving head that didn't exist prior to manipulations.

    8. "Jarring" sensation felt at base of neck at times when walking or riding in car.

    Symptoms worsened over several months prompting tests ordered by family GP. I didn’t return to chiro because pain/odd symptoms seemed to be brought on by manipulations. However, eventually, after several months I insisted on discussing symptoms with senior chiro. He then performed some AK testing and made the statement that I was "wired" differently than most patients -- 1 in 1000 and that they had been working with me backwards.

    After 10 more visits and use of electrical wands (PT) to reduce inflammation, the senior chiro was able to subside most of my symptoms. However, I’m now left with chronic pain/irritation at base of skull/ between shoulder blades and scalp sore spots – for 7 months now.

    A naturopathic doctor who works with muscles/reflexology believes this is muscle tension/spasms causing the pain. He says my back and neck muscles are very tense which may be squeezing nerves. There are tender spots in areas around my mid back that I try and press on to relieve pain – sometimes works, sometimes worsens the situation.

    Chronic pain is worrisome - I don’t want to live the rest of my life with this pain (45 yo). The senior chiro says there is nothing more he can do other than using these electrical wands to reduce muscle inflammation. I'm deeply concerned about living with this the rest of my life!

    Could all this be spinal, muscle, or tendon/ligament related? Stress compounds the irritation. Nothing showed up on MRIs and MRAs, nor in bloodwork. All within normal range. Thyroid off some 7+.

    Thank you so kindly for your help.

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    I'll post on the FM board.