muscle spasm test??

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  1. tcpolchies

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    Hey! My Rheumy wants me to have my muscle spasm recorded sort of like an EMG on both arms, uper & lower. Has anyone ever had this procedure? I really dont think I need this procedure done. I know I get the shakes from time to time but why he wants this done. At this time I have refused to take a medication he wanted to add to my list (restless feet syndrome). I'm feeling the test and new med is a waste of time and money. I already take enough pain medication.

    Anyone had this procedure done and what is the purpose of it.

    Thanks kindly in advance!

  2. Smiffy

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    I've never heard of this test, but m bumping it in case someone has.
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    I have never heard of the test either and I don't want to alarm you but do you think he may trying to look for another diagnosis-- like M.S. perhaps. Can you ask him what he is looking for so it might ease your resentment somewhat. Just a thought.
    Take care
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    I had a test done once where they stuck needles in me to "hear" what kind of frequency the muscle made. All over my back and arms. On my hands they stuck the needle in and then bent my hand and fingers all around. Not sure what this was called, but I will have a tantrum before ever going htrough it again. It told them nothing, and hurt even worse than this DD. Which of course was a challenge to the DD to ratchet up the pain.

    It was an absolutely torturous thing. Be sure you know what you are going into and what the results are supposed to indicate.

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    Okay, I found this doc over at this site dr referral Dr. Pacheco a Rheumy, in NM., whos supposed to be fibro specialist. According to him he believes that Fibro is all related to sleep issues. He then referred me over to his wife also a doc who conducted this muscle spasm test. I got that test doen on one hand and the results were carpal tunnel syndrome- mild. Mild my but! She then sent me off with a splint to wear on bad days. She wants toconduct another test on my other hand but i have cancelled. I dont think it is necessary. Seems every time i bring up fibro they almost immediately knock it down. Anyone on this site looking for fibro specialist in NM., I would think twice about going to see these doc in NM. Talk about false avertisement! Im taking my pain to a pain doc instead.

    Please let me know if anybody in here knows about the ticket to work program.

    Thanks! a mill!