muscle spasms and fibro?

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  1. KariH

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    I have had fibro since 1998. Lately I have been experiencing severe pain and muscle spasms. The pain is mainly in my extremities and the muscle spasms have been in my back, sides (along my ribcage) and under my breasts. I don't know if the spasms are related to the fibro or not. Has anyone had this?

    Also - my dr. has been a putz about my fibro - does anyone have any ideas on what to do for the pain??? I'm getting to my wits end with it.
  2. Tizz

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    Klonipin works for me.
  3. justjanelle

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    Yes. Muscle spasms are a symptom of Fibro. I consider it one of the worst things I have to deal with.

    What I've found most helpful is a prescription muscle relaxer (Zanaflex or Flexeril are two I know of). I also frequently use a heating pad or a warm rice bag on the problem area, or a soak in a warm tub, which do help but often the spasms come back after the warmth is gone.

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  4. roge

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    u may have already tried this, but if not try increasing your magnesium intake

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  5. Tizz

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    is even better for cramps than magnesium alone.

    But it doesn't always work...

  6. suebrown9

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    I get the spasms in my back and sometimes in my legs, this has been happening now for quite a few months, docs gave me valium which sometimes help, and upped my night time medication and pain tablets. A hot water bottle seems to alleviate the strength of the pain (but you cant walk round attached to a hot water bottle) I know what you mean about Drs, I was so bad a couple of weeks ago he had to come out to the house, I told him I had fibro and he gave me this injection I asked him what it was and what it was for, cant remember the name of the drug but was an antinflamitory, I told him that fibro isnt an inflamtory problem. I wish I could help more and if I do will let you know.

  7. kaymac

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    I've had the back spasms for the past 8 years. My dr said it was FM related. When they become severe I would go in for a shot of Torodal I think until I became sensitive to the shots. Then the past 2 years the legs would spasm after I would try going thru WalMart or buying groceries.

    I had a family reunion a month ago and I was on legs all day and so all night I cried with spasms in my legs.

    I think I'm going to try the magnesium.