muscle spasms entire life

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    i was reading a thread about whether anyone had muscle spasms and very few commented. i have a severe case of fibro and myositis,and i was surprised at the few that mentioned them. my earliest memory of the spasms was at about four years of age. my father had to set up at night with me for many hours , massaging my legs as i cried and moaned. this has continued throughout my life. over 40 years and did nothing but worsen. i am on many potent meds including percocet every four hours round the clock ,lyrica,and morphine. i also have taken 1400 mgs of robaxin for the muscle spasms for many years. it helps but i have breakthrough pain for about 5 or 6 hours every day.many more probs too numerous to mention. i was just surprised as i thought that the spasms were the beginning of fibromyalgia. please give me some feedback as to how yours started. i would like to hear some of your stories. thanks. ski
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    I did not get muscle spasms right away.I started tu with pain that wouldn't go away.(all over my body) The only spasms I get occassionally are by my left shoulder blade.Sure I do in my back but that is from my deg. disc disease and over doing it.As for my leg pain, it used to jsut be my osteoarthritis, then fibro.(bad),now I have terrible sciatica in my butt/legs.The only muscle relaxer that ever worked for me,my insurance will not allow.
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    yes, I do get them--

    not to the extent that you do-when I tried yoga various positions would cause muscles to spasm--under my ribs, sometimes calves of legs---typing will cause spasms in hand and forearms---

    fibro seems to be a big bag of ailments--making it difficult to treat them all--I am interested now in the metabolic link-and I am trying various supplements to get things "firing " correctly in the cells--

    have you tried the extra magnesium?---I am trying that now and it seems to be helping a bit
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    there was a thread not long ago and many many replied to having muscle spasms and even stronger ones (myoclonic jerks)

    Muscle spasms are a pretty common symptom of FM and CFS (more so FM)