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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spazmonkey, Apr 4, 2003.

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    Are there any alternative methods to reduce muscle spasms? They are driving me crazy and are starting to worry me. My jaw spasms, contributing to TMJ and my tongue even starts to spasm and i get twitches in my face. My jaw hurts if i talk or smile too much. My hands are starting to tremor. I've always been pretty physically active but in the past year, ive gotten more muscle weakness. I used to be a gymnast and im pretty flexible, but even when i do yoga-I have to stop because my muscles start spasm'ing. My muscles get so "stuck". Ecspecially my neck. I've always been sore, but now im starting to wake up every morning with a stiff neck. I also have scoliosis.

    I was taking Xanax. But I stopped because it caused so much dizziness. All these muscle problems started after I stopped taking it. Could it be withdrawal? I heard getting off of Xanax is worse than kicking heroin. The first night I got sick with an awful headache. If anyone has any input, i would really appreciate it.

    thanks a bunch!
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    hey spaz, I'm not sure about the spasms and withdrawal. years ago I was taking zanax and when I quit, i had terrible headaches for a long time. i described them as electrical headaches.

    i too in the past 6months have terrible muscle spasms, cramps. i make myself walk and everything wants to get stuck in place (sometimes more often now i can only walk 5 min.) hubby says eat more bananas, drink more water--well i do, i even take potassium and still cramp.

    hope you feel better, maybe ween yourself off of the zanax.
    prayerfully yours,
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    How long have you been off the Xanax? Did you decrease the dose gradually--or just go cold turkey?

    I had spasming, and twitching of muscles, but it was neural in nature---I have been taking klonopin for quite a few months now, and it has been a godsend. It also helps with the nerve pain in my neck, as I have cervical stenosis and arthritis.

    Its biggest success was by far ending the facial, and all the other muscle twitches, and jerking, in my arms, and legs.

    Best wishes, LL
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    thanks guys for the response. I'm only taking .5 Xanax a night. and yeah i did quit cold turkey, probably not so smart. I had to start back on the xanax the other night because the withdrawal was so bad. I couldn't sleep at all and my anxiety was intense. I'm getting my doctor to prescribe Klonopin since i react wierdly to the Xanax. But i won't be able to get it for a few more days.

    How should i taper off the xanax. can i got every other day? I just heard that the xanax gets out of your system pretty quickly. but it seems fibro bodies are quite different than other bodies...