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    Had gone to one massage therapist who is trained in USA and she was doing something called muscle testing. Would make me hold some supplement in my hand and then tell me to raise my hand and then try to push it down and see how much and how easily it goes down. According to that she would say ok this supplement is good for you or not. At the time I thought this is some baloney, new age nonsense !

    Yesterday I called chisolm labs and asked them if I have not done pathogen testing how would I know which Transfer factor is good for me....They said there are 2 ways - you can either buy a test kit which has a sample of all the TF's and then do muscle testing !! or.... you buy and see if you have the herx response and if you do it means its working for you.

    Wanted to know what the veterans here think of this muscle testing method .....actually works ??

  2. deepak

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    Thanks :) your writing is like poetry. Meaningful and yet so tender and caring. :)

    To me it just does not make sense - this muscle testing thing - but will await some more comments, if I get any.

    Was wondering if you have tried Guai and what you think of it. What has worked best for you for the muscle and nerve pain ?

    God bless you :)

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    Hi Deepak,
    I have been in the Alternative Health Industry, and have practiced AK since the middle 80s. I'm a devout Christian, and don't believe in any 'Spiritual' 'New age' stuff out there. Applied Kinesiology has a long history in Science. It works on the same principle as the Lie detector machine. There it a computerized A.K. device call C.E.D.S. (Computerized Electro-Dermal Screening). Dr. Goodheart was instrumental in bringing the study into the western world.
    The story Goes: A Father of was sitting at the dinner table playing with his children, demonstrating his strength by holding them up with each arm. After a moment, a child knocked a bowl of sugar onto the father's lap. The father then noticed that he lost the strength to hold his children up. After wiping the sugar off his lap, he once again was strong enough to hold them up.
    I believe God works in me through my Muscle testing. I have received so much Wisdom from checking my results over and over. I also believe that everyone can learn how to do AK, to interpret what their bodies are trying to tell them, with out having to afford expensive medical intervention. In the near Future (I hope!) AK will be as popular as Chiropractic is today.
    God Bless You!
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    Caledonia - Thank you. I will look up the youtube video too :)

    Ingridshope- Thank you. Interesting story of the father and son and thanks for your blessings :)

    Leah- Thank you. You make me smile too :)

    Love to all ,
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    Deepak - I would be much worse off if I had not found a skilled chiropractor who does muscle testing. Many years ago I felt weak as a kitten, went to my doctor who just gave me Prozac (why!!!!???). Well, it made me feel wired but still tired. My doctor didn't have a clue why I was so weak and I hated the Prozac so stopped it.

    Then I saw my chiropractor and within 5 mintues he'd found that my adrenal glands were weak and he gave me an adrenal glandular product and within a couple of days my energy started to come back. He helped me several times when the doctors were just clueless.

    It can be tricky to do it on yourself. I don't think it's as reliable as when a trained person does it.

    I've seen 4 or 5 people who do the muscle testing and only one of them didn't seem to know what he was doing. I've just overall had much better results with muscle testing in dealing with CFS than with standard medicine.

    And it's generally much cheaper than regular docs. It can't hurt to try!

    Best wishes,


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