muscle TIGHTENING and CRANIAL symptoms

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    hello...please help me with this...
    i have lots of tight muscles which hurt very much...worse after exercise of course...which is difficult anyway b/c of all the pain and fatigue.
    then even my face muscles and front of neck and into the top part of my chest muscles get tight...almost feels like i want to pull on my skin to loosen it but, it's not the skin it is the muscle beneath.
    i get dizzy spells like i feel as if i am swaying side to side on a boat or the floor is moving...and it is difficult to track my eyes during these events.
    i have a lot of pressure in my head too.
    i have had every neuro test they make and all are NORMAL..
    i am from north louisiana and was a wildlife biologist so had many tics...i got sick after our last child was born in colorado...
    what is the possibility this could be lymes?
    ty, sc
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    Hello, I was checked, as yourself, with every neuro test after the birth of my six year old son. After his birth I ended up in ICU and the doctors thought it was MS and a list of other things but it turned out it wasn't any of them. So they sent me to a psychiatrist and I was put of antidepressants and antianxiety meds. Needless to say they didn't do much good and finally my psychiatrist told me that he didn't think I had mental issues and that I needed to find out what was wrong with me. So after many doctors One tested me for Lyme and there it was. I went to a Lyme specialist after that and he confirmed it.

    You ask if your symptoms could be Lyme related. If you were to look at the list you'll see that the vertigo you are experiencing surely could and so with the muscle cramps. The one thing I'd like to say about the dizziness and muscle cramps from my OWN experience, is that these went way down when I treated the yeast infection. Our immune systems our so wiped out from the Lyme many of us have chronic yeast infections. I would see about getting a Igenex Western Blot Lyme test. It seems to be the best for accuracy. You'll also need a GOOD doctor to read it. And I would look and see if your tongue is coated white in the morning and review the symptoms of chronic yeast infection also. Killing them was my first step to feeling better.

    Prayers to you, Truesun
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