muscle tremor?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by justdifferent, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. justdifferent

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    I've been doing relatively well but have noticed a new symptom: muscle tremor. I have familial tremor which affects my hands, but this tremor affects even my legs - it feels like the tremor you get if you completely exhaust a muscle by overexerting it and it then will begin to shake. I've had muscle twitches for a while but the tremor is new. This tremor began prior to me starting to lift the methylation block (which has only been going on for about a week, and I'm not on the full regimen yet).
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    Great way to describe this. I go to doc tm and was trying to figure out how to tell him this new symptom!
    almost like body is quivering. not lifting any blocks altho I just stopped a round of amoxicillin hmmmm
  3. just curious I am having the same thing , are you on lyrica? Just curious. I doubt its a part of fibro? Who knows, this dd is unreal.
  4. justdifferent

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    but believe I am more on the CFS spectrum than FM. I am not on Lyrica or any other medication specific to CFS or FM; my meds haven't changed in years.
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    while i'm driving. when i have my foot on the accelerator, my leg gets a major tremor and it actually bounces up and down! seems to do it only when i put pressure on it. it's really weird.