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    I hope someone can help me! I was DX with ms in Jan of this year. Due to lesions in my brain. I have no symptoms. After I had my Lumbar puncture and evoked potetials done..I started noticing twitching...everywhere just one quick thump under my skin constantly at random places. I doesn't seem to be listed as a symptom of ms. I've stopped my meds for ms for about the last 3 weeks..with the exception of the neurotin..which doesn't help for the twitching. My neuro says it bfs...due to anxiety...but I got over the ms and seemed not to be anxious until I noticed the constant twitches..from a quick pop on my cheek down to the top of my foot. I can't even see it when I look it's already gone...My question is shold I ask my neruo for an emg and ncv? Or should I wait and deal with the twitches until I see the MS specialist at JOhns Hopkins in July???Help..the twitching is worrying...sorry so long....THANKS
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    I get muscle spasms/twitching all the time. Been on Baclfen for 3 years now and it helps.