Muscle weakness, weight loss, pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maryfranf, Feb 11, 2003.

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    I answered a post yesterday on muscle weakness..I couldnt find it today..I am new on the group..I was so relieved that I am not alone in this...although the drs havent done a lot of tests some of you have had..they still call it sed rate was guess they think that is what it is..Has anyone had drastic weight loss from this? I am also in counciling for clinical depression..I am on lexapro for that...I am not on any pain killers...also i have had muscle atrophy in my upper arms, because the pain was so bad i didnt want to move them...please let me hear from someone..thanks ..maryfranf
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    Love, Mikie
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    Muscle weakness/back pain was one of my 1st symptoms. I have had this for 2 years. In that time, I maintained about 140lbs. In one month (Sept/02) I lost 35lbs and not from trying! I had severe IBS and diarrea and plenty of anxiety. I think anxiety caused my weight loss, although I quickly overcame it yet the weight will not go back on, even though I eat like a horse!
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    Welcome Aboard! Although not on the circumstances!
    I have had FM, etc. for many years, but in the past few years my pain has been getting very bad. I also am being treated for depression(who wouldn't be depressed!)- actually, I had depression before I realized I had FM. Then last year the weakness started...this is to a gal who worked for years with Veterinarians, carrying around drugged-up 75 lb. Dogs! Now I have to ask my son to open a jar of Ragu! I don't know WHY the change, I had been exercising, etc, then it became too hard to walk so far... so fast...etc. In the past 2 months I have gone from 140 lbs. to 110 lbs. The Dr. is doing more tests on me now, and I am still trying to find a Dr. who will give me adequate pain relief.
    I hope you will find the people here as friendly and supportive as I have, and the resources in the Library & E-mail Dept. are So full of Info, you will want to live here! Hope to hear from you again,
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    just wanted to say hi but sorry that you have this .i lost weight from this dd the first time is when i found out that i had fm i was about 125 pds and 5foot tall went down to 100 pds that was in 1995 it took a long time to put the weight on . then family strees hit big time worry about my sister marriage i was at 118 in the fall of 2001 by feb of 2002 i weight 106 pds and i am still this weight and i am trying to gian a few more pds but it is hard .i am also not on pain meds also have sore muscles and very weak have a hard time opening things and my upper arms are sore but that is a new one for me well i will see you latter and take care
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    Thank you for your reply bluebirdk..thanks for the prayers...I know we all sure need them...hugs..Maryfranf
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    thanks two girls for the replies, I was so glad to get everyones replys...I hate that any of us have this..but it is so good to talk to people that know what kind of pain I am talking about..I am always in so much pain that i would like to just sit down and cry..but it wouldnt make me feel much better...I get really stressed out over the weight loss two..i have always been little..when this bout started I only weighted 104 i weigh about 90 maybe..i gained a few pounds..then lost it is a constant struggle to gain an ounce..I try not to complain too much to my boyfriend..I am sure he will get tired of hearing it..everything is such an is an effort just to get dressed..or do anything..I cant even manage to get the house cleaned up..I tend to feel better in the evening though..guess i should try and clean then...thanks for much for your reply..hugs..Maryfranf
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    Hi you, i have always been very active, now it is all i can do just to get dressed...I have a lot of other medical problems as well..I have mvp,copd,hypothryoidism, ibs,allergys and gerd..I am 59 years old..but didnt really look it till the last year or so..the weight loss and pain really stresses me out..I am on lexapro, i think i have always had depression, but this makes it worse..I have been thru a lot in the last year and a half..i lost my mom suddenly, then went thru a divorce..met a wonderful man online and we have been together over a year...thats the only plus about the last two kids have made things really hard on us that puts me under a lot of stress...thanks for your reply, i can already tell i will be on here a lot...hugs..Maryfranf
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    The first time i had a bout with this was back in 98...i got to a point where i couldnt even walk...I went to the dr and they put me on pred..(big mistake) but i took it for nine months..the whole time i took the pred, i was in no pain..i gained about 20 pounds while i was on it..but, taking the pred wasnt worth tore up my esophagus so bad that i still have to take Nexium for it and it ruined my skin as well..right now i am not on any pain killers..just tylenol and advil...but am ready to give up and take something..I also had a lot of uriniary tract infections this year..took forever to get rid of them..I read on one of the posts that some are taking antibiotics and feel better while they are on them...i also feel better when i am on i plan to tell my dr about this and see if he will give me something...thanks for the reply...hugs..Maryfranf