muscles in my body have tightened up

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    I woke up this morning with the muscles in my body tightened up!!!! Especially my legs from the waist down. I rubbed + rubbed and my husband rubbed my back but I am still in misery. I have limped all day. I have never had this happen before. I have a problem lying on my back to sleep as I lose my breath so I put a large pillow behind my back so I could`nt roll over in my sleep. It helped that problem but I don`t know if it was the cause of the muscles all over tightening up.Any input would be very much appreciated , at this point I`m almost afraid to go to bed. I stretched this morning but it seemed to make it worse. I guess I am a little bit afraid at this point, the pain I can handle but this is a whole new ball game.I need some help please!!
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    Before my dx my muscles were always tight. Even during a massage they would tighten back up when the therapist moved to another part of my body.

    I do take both magnesium and potassium now, so perhaps that, along with the other meds I take is helping with the problem.

    I would suggest taking hot epsom salts baths to help you relax. They really helped me a lot before I had any pain meds to take.

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    Have you tried a 'mattress heating pad'? That is the most wonderful thing I have ever bought for FM pain.

    Its a very gentle heat and it helps stop those muscles from tightening during the night and also the morning stiffness.

    They are sold in Penny's catalog, I just ordered one. Also Sear's online and Wal-Mart too.

    I also sleep with a lot of pillows, can't lay flat, will feel like I am smothering.

    Also, try to lay on your SIDE, with a pillow between your knees. It helps keep your spine aligned, and seems to stop some of that hip and leg pain.

    If I 'lose' the pillow during the night, I will wake up with pain in my hips.

    You are tensing your body, stress is a big no, no for us. It will cause terrible pain. If I get angry/stressed, my muscles in my back will tighten up and hurt within minutes.

    You may have had a bad dream that you don't remember and thats what caused your pain. Its happened to me with a dream I remembered! I could not believe how bad I hurt from a frightful dream.

    In case I did not tell you this, have you tried the Peroxide and Epson Salts bath? It is just great for pain anywhere.

    Here is the amounts;

    3 cups of Epson Salts
    3 bottles (large size) of regular Peroxide

    Mix in a tub of very warm water. Soak for TWENTY MINUTES ONLY. It will make you feel weak when you get out of the tub, so go to bed for at least a half hour, or for the night.
    This is no cure, but you sure will get relief from the pain, and have a good nights sleep.

    Please let us know how you are doing, and if you are better.

    Will be waiting to hear how you do tonight. Do not be afraid of going to bed, thats going to cause you stress!

    Will remember you in my prayers if you like............

    Shalom, Shirl