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    Hi everyone! I haven't posted for a while because of nasty relapse. I was just curious. Does anyone ever get muscle spasms in upper and lower abdominal areas where you can't tell if they are internal or external or both. I had so much pain with this. I still do. This goes also with a host of other problems like reflux ,ibs. I am having an endoscopy next week and then a hida scan. I have had these before and they never find anything. The pain moves from the left spleen area to gall bladder area and sometimes in the center. I also get burning and all over muscle pains. I have never had such intense pain. I took a xanax and in a few hours all pain disappeared. that's why I was wondering if it is fibro pain and nothing internal. Anyhow, sorry to vent like this but I am kind of worried. Hope everyone is doing better. Jess
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    Hi Jess,
    Yes I too have these spasms and they can last for weeks, with me anyways. It is very annoying to say the least. I have had them on the right side also and when it first happened thought it was the beginning of a heart attack, thank God it wasn't just good 'ol fibro. At the moment I have had the spasms on the right side and radiate to my back or vise versa. They seem to start up most when I sit down so a pillow at mid back helps.

    So try to relax use a heating pad take muscle relaxers if you have them.

    Take care hope they stop soon for you