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    Alot of you know I have been freaking out and under alot of stress. Ive been very depressed and angry trying to live life as the "new" me now and letting go of the "old" me whom I seem to be mourning for.

    I want to share a little something with all of you. I needed uplifting in the worst way. So...what did I do? I bought contemporary Christian Music (WOW 2003 hits) and started listening to it. Last night I sat with my step-daughter and my daughter while the two younger ones were sleeping and I put the CDs in not telling either one of them what it was. They are lovers of music as well and we are always listening to some form of music in our house.

    I was helping my step-daughter with a reading project and she stopped what she was doing and asked me "what CD is this? Ive never heard this before? I really like it...." and there she sat dancing in her seat while we all listened and worked. My daughter really enjoyed the music too. They were SHOCKED to hear it was Christian music (they looked at my like I had 10 eyes popping out of my head LOL!). They thought ALL Christian music was "dull" and just plain organ music like we sing on Sundays at church.

    So...when I drove to work, I played the CDS. I noticed the calming affect they had on me and I also realized alot of the words hit home. I teared up a few times. I analysed what has been bringing me down lately and what has been troubling so much...all of a sudden they were not as bad as they seemed. And even if it was "big stuff" I would just ask God to forgive me for the way I have been acting and also ask him to take my burdens from me and that I needed him bad.

    I brought the CDs up to my office and played them on my computer the whole time I was at work. I realized how calm I was all morning and NOTHING seemed to make me angry or get me down for a change. Even though I feel YUCKY today, Im still doign ok...

    Maybe thats all I needed...a little music to calm the inner beast that seems to be detroying me lately.

    I just wanted to share that with all of you.

    Was wondering if anyone else here noticed a difference when you listened to Christian music.

    Thanks for reading this. God bless!
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    There have been times when the only way I seemed to get anything done is put a stack of christian CD's on, get involved in the music and go on 'automatic' with my body in order to accomplish a task when i was too either broken hearted, or fatigued to do.

    The last time was after a death in the family of a young nephew and a lot of family members were coming to my house from out of town and had to get the house ready, plus food. By the grace of God, a praying sis-in-law and turning the music up full blast, i got through the preparations.

    Ordinarily, I prefer musuc quiet. But, yes,I have used it for focusing my heart and mind on the Lord also.

    God bless you, blessings