Music as Medicine: Pain, Sleep, Anxiety, Career

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LittleBluestem, Mar 9, 2006.

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    Last night, on the radio, I heard an interview with Dr. Deforia Lane. She is a music therapist and author of the book "Music as Medicine". She mentioned several applications that I thought might be of interest to people here.

    Music for pain reduction. Music can reduce a person's perception of pain. Post operative patients need less pain medication with music therapy. I don't know what effect it would have on chronic pain.

    Music can help sleep. Music at a specific tempo will 'slows down' the brain and help a person go to sleep. I don't know if it will improve the quality of sleep.

    Music can reduce anxiety. It slows heart rate and reduces blood pressure. I wonder if it could 'slow down' the autonomic nervous system.

    Music therapy as a career. One of the career possibilities that she mentioned for a music therapist was private practice. This made me wonder if a person could conduct a part-time music therapy practice from their home. One person called in who already had a degree in music and asked what it would take to become a music therapist. Dr. Lane said she would only have to take those classes that were specific to the music therapy degree. This sounded like it would be doable for someone with mild to moderate CFS/FM.

    You can hear the program at:

    For more information on music therapy, see the American Music Therapy Association website:
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    Little Bluestem...I really believe that music IS therapy for me...whether dancing around the kitchen, walking with my dogs and my cd player, or at the gym, music "takes me away"!

    Sometimes I forget to use it, and I appreciate your post. I need to make a list of strategies so that when the fibro fog sets in and I can't remember them, I can be reminded of the power of music.

    Thanks again...Ann
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    I have used music to soothe my troubled mind my whole life.If it weren't for music when I was a child and teen I may not had had anyway of exspressing myself.And boy can you imagine how really messed up I would be,I am already nutty enough.

    My daughter has special needs.And when she gets upset we have this little thing we do.

    We go in her room,put abalnket over the bedroom window to make it "sleepy time",I wash her face and arms off with a cool rag,she lays down in her bed and then we put on "sleepy time music".I light a scented candle and off she goes to sleep or sometimes she just lays there and relaxes.

    We have these cd's of the ocean waves,rain drops...all those comforting sounds in nature.

    Very good therapy for her and for us all.

    Glad you posted this.I really believe in doing everything we can to pamper ourselves.


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