music, pain, depression and cats

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  1. catalina

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    I'm old, too, but music has always been a pickmeup...I went into deep depression when our local classical station went into 'modern dance music' which is not music at all in my opinion, just disjointed noise. If it doesn't have the proper rhythm it does not have a good effect on the body.
    I've read that the beat in music can actually alter heartbeat.
    Now that a new station picked up the light classics, swing, Broadway musicals, etc., I feel better. I turn the radio on first thing when I get up, and it plays all day until I go back to bed. I also cuddle with my cats when I'm really 'down.' it really helps, and I've read much on both music, and pets, and the parts they can play in emotional and physical wellbeing.
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    "CAT"ty thread! hahahahaha! sorry, I just COULDN't resist! I, too, surround myself with animals and music, AND beautiful art.

    Catalina, and others, too, have you ever heard the music of Robert Mirabal? Asside from being VERY tasty 'eye candy', his music REALLY speaks to my 'innards'! He is a Native American artist, VERY talented. But, the reason I bring him up is your reference to music and the heartbeat. I'm sure most of you know that the rhythm of the Native American drum echoes the rhythm of Mother Earth's heartbeat. Well, this young man has THAT rhythm down to a 'T', but more than that, it is presented in a way that MOST will find quite pleasing. Anyhoo, something you might want to consider adding to your musical library. You can also hear some samplings of his music online by searching his name.

    Let Miracles Replace ALL Grievances
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    We have 2 cats, Matilda and Maxwell. We also have 2 dogs, Bert and Zoe. Sometimes I am so disappointed in people that our animals are the only ones keeping me going. They radiate love and acceptance. They are like little emmissaries from God to me.
    Also agree about music being a big help. Didn't Mark Twain say something about music and cats being the best soul medicine? I can't remember the exact quote.
  4. AnnG

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    Check out the Norah Jones CD. Its wonderful! She sounds like a torch singer from the 40's. Its very soothing. For those from the 60's: she is Ravi Shankar's daughter (George Harrison's mentor). As for cats, mine is an independant brat and won't cuddle!
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    Welcome to the board!!! It's amazing how animals and music can lift your soul. I have 2 Standard Poodles who are absolute darlings. They always know, by instinct, when I am not feeling good or am depressed. They immediatly come over and start cuddling and licking my feet or face. I can't help but smile. Also my 11 month old nephew's laughing is great medicine for depression. He is such a cutie!! Music has always been a huge part of my life. My father is a musician. I have always danced and sung my heart out up untill recently. I miss those times. I should listen to it more. I usually end up reading or watching movies instead. But, hey... whatever keeps your spirits up, right??

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    There's nothing I like better on a painful day than putting on some classical music & laying down with my two cats. You are right, it really helps heal both body & spirit!

  7. RedB

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    and one German Shepherd. Have any of you with cats played with them with those little laser lights? The ones that look like little flashlights, but have a red light? I swear, it is the most wonderful toy, and they just go crazy over it! They will chase it all over the house. Even the lazier ones love to play. They all harrass me every night until I get it out for them.

  8. nancyw

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    Hi Catalina: I can so relate to your post about music and animals. I was always the "emotional" one in my family and I cannot live without my animals. I currently have 5 cats and two older dogs. I live by myself, but I'm never lonely, especially in my bedroom because I never sleep alone. Animals know when you need love and comfort. If I cry or am depressed, my cats each come up and give me kitty kisses and hugs. I'm very adept at typing or knitting with a cat on my chest (very entertaining for grandkids!). Cats don't care if you're chubby or you're having a bad hair day and they never disagree with you! Animals are the best at "unconditional" love! I always told my deepest thoughts to my horses while growing up and they never tell a soul. I also listen to my music pretty much all day. I grew up in California's San Fernando Valley, but have loved old country music forever. I remember always changing my station when I was with friends because my music wasn't "cool". Anyway, 46 now and still enjoy the same music. I would suggests pets to anyone who is depressed or feels unloved. I always encourage adopting animals from the pound as they are also waiting for their "best friend" to rescue them.
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    They really get me through the most painful times. How can you not relax with a sweet little furball in your lap. And I also love music, although for this redneck, it's country or the oldies. But I don't listen to the music as much anymore because when I'm really in a bad pain day, I can't stand the "noise" at all. Guess I'm weird.