music really works!

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  1. DragonBall

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    on bad days music really helps me . i like punk it must be the aggresion i want to vent at the world in general!.even though im 35 ive never conformed . i have flamingo pink hair and my lip pierced and a walking stick! most people on buses dont look at my stick; just my hair!.i feel like this is my protection from the out side world.i have lots of friends but in the last year have not been out much.fortunately most of the time they come to see going to miss another conert tonight [ buzzcocks at sheffield; tickets bought . iwant to go but well u know!pain pain bloody pain love to all and keep listening to your music!
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    Music is my salvation!! It has a way of making me feel normal again - lifts the spirits. I love to crank it up when sensory overload has not taken over. I am 38yrs and my music is 70's. LOVE IT. My kids also love this music - while thier friends are listening to Avril Lavigne, my kids are singing Dolby Gray.. Too funny.
  3. DragonBall

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    have your purple i have, and i also have 2 kids. my son was bullied once about me, aboy said your mums afreak he just ignored him, but my son who is 10 has always being mature for his age and is currently doing work 2 yrs ahead of his peers.he has coped rally well with my fm and my little girl puts the pots away without been not a religous person my children are my salvation.
  4. Madelyn

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    I'm old enough to have been there for punk (43), so I done that. But I still listen. But I also listen to many other types of music: I have eclectic taste. I do find, though, that a lot of the time I need more soothing music now. That can be many things. If I get wound up, I can't wind down at will. Of course, when you "get" the music your teenagers listen to, it really freaks them out! They don't know how to rebel!
  5. Kalli

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    I don't know about the pink But, I agree music helps in so many ways. I couldn't live without it.

    Albert Schweitzer said: There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life. Music and cats. - I love both.
  6. DragonBall

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    i have 2 cats ,the kids named them ,tyke and bubbles. the kids were always asking for a dog,recently i got a lot worse at its a good job we only have cats ,they take themselves out!.and when you feel nobody understands you,they love their bellys tickled.
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    I was raised in a *musical* family...and I've always had a great love for music. And I agree, music definitely helps! I've always used music as *therapy*, way before I even realized I was doing just that.

    You guys would probably cringe at the range of my tastes in music. I listen to everything from Metallica to Enya, pretty much any and everyone, except Rap and Classical (guess at the ripe old age of 47 I'm *still* rebelling against my mom trying to drown me in classical!).
  8. DragonBall

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    i cant seem to get on with rap music,but i love punk,metal even some classical.i saw metallica at donnington in 87 amazing!
  9. KayL

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    Bruce Springsteen puts on THE best concerts I've ever been to, and I've been to more than a few, starting back around 1970. He gives everything he's got when he gives a concert and plays for hours!

    I saw Metallica with my kids in '97, and I loved it. Just saw Aerosmith recently with Stone Temple Pilots and loved that as well.

    None of my friends in my age group go to concerts anymore and they think I'm nuts.

  10. DragonBall

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    i dont like the boss ,but my husband likes him.i find his music abit samey and he seems to be quite a egotistical person. i saw aerosmith years ago when i was much fitter.marilyn manson puts on a good show but i dont listen to his music much now.
  11. DragonBall

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    oh i havent any energy for fighting!.idont read much like i used to, brain not working well!ok what it really is he just gives me the, do you know what i mean i cant explain! i just dont like him or his voice.and on the other end of the spectrum i just love jeff goldblum oooooooooooh,im too tired to get deb.
  12. klutzo

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    I LOVE the blues,esp. Tracy Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Clapton and others. I love classical (was raised on it). I love Enya for relaxation. If I am having a good pain day, I love late 60's psychedlic music ( a dead giveaway on how old I am). The Doors and Cream were my favorite bands of all time. I hate c(rap),esp. since the people who like it seem intent on making everyone within a mile radius listen to it at all hours of the day or night. Last weekend I had to take extra blood pressure medicine because of c(rap) blasting from a house a block away, and latin c(rap) blasting from a car in the afternoon, that was visiting next door, and keeping us awake all night Saturday from a house across the street. When it makes our windows buzz, think what it is doing to their eardrums in that car. The sellers of hearing aids must be rubbing their hands together with glee!
    Sorry this turned into a rant. I have so much trouble dealing with excess noise now, and I never hear anyone blasting blues, classical, new age, etc. It is almost always c(rap). My husband says the loudness of the music is in inverse proportion to the I.Q. of the person playing it. So, since I agree with him, I guess that makes me an official old fart! I just wish the doggone cops would come when we call them, but getting them to show up on a noise complaint is about as likely as getting Israel and Palestine to make peace.

  13. DragonBall

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    talking of blues im going to see ,hopefully gary moore in concert, do u like him?.also on the line up is whitesnake now their music is smooth rock music!David coverdale has a brilliant voice,its not while may at sheffield arena but its something to look forward to.i saw blondie there last year.anyway back to the jungle book video me and the kids love it .ooooooh i want to be like youuuu,dig that crazy jungle beat. now the music on that film is GREAT!!!!
  14. dhcpolwnk

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    If Klutzo's an old fart (see excerpt from Klutzo's post below), then at 57, I suspect I'm an older one! Like Klutzo, I'm a big fan of 60s music, especially the Beatles and other British invasion groups. I also love blues, jazz, 1960s-type folk music and protest songs, most kinds of classical music (though not every piece, of course) and a lot of movie soundtracks (not just the songs, but the background music that sets the tone for the scenes you're watching).

    For me, though, the therapy isn't in listening to music so much as it is in playing it (as bad as I am as a performer) and in composing it. I'm very grateful for my MIDI arranger keyboard and for MIDI sequencing software. It has allowed me to put at least some of the music that is in my mind and my heart into a form that others can hear. I've even recorded CDs of my music for friends and, in one case, for a cause I believe in.

    (I know I can't post any URLs on this site, but if anybody is interested in hearing MP3 versions of some of my songs, you can e-mail me directly at to request the URL, or do a Google search for LauraRemsonMitchell--all run together as one word. Look for the listing with my name in it that is based at Australia's MP3 web site.)

    I'm not crazy about rap music, but I have heard a few songs in that form that I like. I suspect that many who have responded on this thread would hate my original music. It's pretty eclectic, and some of it is kind of weird, like a suite I wrote consisting of seven short vignettes in 7/8 meter. I think that's a Middle Eastern meter. I decided to try writing in it after hearing an interview with jazz great Dave Brubeck on the Ken Burns jazz series. I also wrote a "tone poem" about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S. That was the most ambitious thing I've tackled.

    I must admit that listening to some of my own compositions sometimes makes me feel good. Maybe that sounds egotistical, but I often feel that I don't *write* music so much as discover it. And even just recalling the amazing discovery process often can make me forget my pain.

    In any case, regardless of our tastes in music and regardless of whether we listen to it, play it or compose it, I completely agree that music has therapeutic value!

    --Laura R.M.

    P.S. Although I am convinced that music is therapeutic, I think I remember reading recently that research has disproved the Mozart effect, which was mentioned by somebody else on this thread. Oh, well. I just know what it does for me.


    On 04/14/03 at 06:58 PM., klutzo wrote:

    Here comes an old fart to interrupt your argument!

    < I LOVE the blues,esp. Tracy Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Clapton and others. I love classical (was raised on it). I love Enya for relaxation. If I am having a good pain day, I love late 60's psychedlic music ( a dead giveaway on how old I am). The Doors and Cream were my favorite bands of all time. I hate c(rap),esp. since the people who like it seem intent on making everyone within a mile radius listen to it at all hours of the day or night.... >

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    Have we heard of you?!:)
    I know- I don't find Bowie, New Wave And punk so satisfying anymore. I need substance and feeling, and Bowie's so emotionless. I still listen to most kinds of music, though. Almost every type has its value when made by the best of its kind.
    I find classical very satisfying and I'm learning more about it now with my children. (We homeschool.) I've had opportunity to learn about its history and to appreciate the range of music. I also listen to a couple of Christian musicians who do real heartfelt praise music. It's comforting through and through.
  16. pearls

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    Music was my college major. Several studies have shown that a certain kind of classical music is especially soothing. Any Adagio section from Baroque music (music by Bach, Handel, Pachabel, Vivaldi, etc., approximately 1650 to 1750, if I remember correctly) will soothe you more than anything else. One favorite is popularly known as "Pachabel's Cannon." For one thing, most classical music still being performed has passed the test of time. The Baroque Adagios are very beautiful. In addition, these Adagios are performed at approximately the same rate as your heartbeat at rest. This has also been shown to help people concentrate and do better work. If you can find a recording of just the Adagio sections taken from larger Baroque works, then you can listen to one after another without the disruption of the faster and louder sections.

    There are many different kinds of classical music. Some is very loud and even bombastic. They can be extremely exciting - the opposite of soothing, but very nice to listen to under the right circumstances, such as in a concert hall. Tchaikowsky's "1812 Overture" comes to mind.

    Some kinds are very esoteric and might not interest anyone with not much experience with classical music or with no introduction to reasons why the music sounds like it does. I love classical music in general, but a piece by John Cage, for instance, sould possibly interest me only once for listening. He really pushed the envelope, finding music in silence interrupted by the coughing in an audience, for instance - not the kind of thing I would look to for finding something soothing, for sure. The silence is a good idea for soothing, but I could do without the coughing!

    I absolutely love classical choir music, especially Christmas things from three to five hundred years ago. I was a choir teacher for some years and also a professional choir director in a number of churches and even two synagogues! Again, though, some of the Christmas choir music is soothing, but some is very exciting. Luckily NONE of that music resembles John Cage's ideas!

    Nevertheless, I love all kinds of music - that is most music except rap and a lot of what comes from the world of pop. I detest rap for its vulgarity and the way the sound itself drives into my heart, muscles, and bone - causing me great stress, both mentally and physically. Other music that drives me crazy is anything that worms itself into my brain with its banality, causing my mind to play it again and again all day long and for many days. My husband was also a music major and still teaches music for a living, but he doesn't suffer at all from this curse. Go figure.

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  17. Mrs. B

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    I can relate to what you are saying about having to listen to the neighbor's music. Where I used to live my windows were constantly rattled from the "music" across the street and next door to me. One day I was SOO tired and aggravated with them I put several portable radios in my windows and cranked up the classical music. I then closed the door to the room I had them in and left. When I returned my street was quiet... and stayed that way for weeks. :) I felt much better after taking some action.

    Mrs. B
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    Greetings Everyone,

    I am new to the boards, having just discovered this particular site about a month ago. It is, by far, the best of the Fibro sites.

    It is quite true that there are as many forms of classical music as there is popular music. Baroque (pre-dating the classical period) is very ordered, even mathematical in form. There is substancial evidence that metre rate (of the music) creates chemical changes in the brain. For relaxation and the easing of pain, metres at or close to 60 beats per minute is best.

    The Romantic period (post-classical, pre-modern) has some very nice pieces, especially the string and piano concertos and sonatas form Schubert and his elk. I read a thread that said that The Mozart Effert has been disproven. I'd love to read that report because there is 40+ years of extremely well-documented research that confirms the healing power of sound on the body and mind from round the world.

    To defend Bowie, his emotional output is rather abstracted at times but personally, I think he has an understanding of the "shadow-self" and the subconscious that no other modern musician possesses. Just my view though - music, like all art, is subjective by its nature.

    I am considering getting hooked up with MIDI so I can compose works on the computer. Any suggestions on MIDI programmes that have "true tones" for organic (acoustic) instruments such as violin, cello, oboe, et cetera?

    Wishing all of you happiness and health.
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    I agree,music is an escape. I like a few differnt types but country is my favorite. I have my days I listen to the Eagles and days I like Fleetwood Mac. My hub and I still go to Rock Concerts. Creed was great.Saw some of the older ones like Journey and Ratt. They were really fun! I love to sing also,Im not too bad. Kids think mommy should be a singer. Wouldnt have the energy.I make my own tapes and fun at home.Wish you all some pain free moments. Lori
  20. loopyloo

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    I was brought up with my mum and dad listening to Elvis and the beatles i hate rock and roll but i know all the words and cant help singing allong.
    RAP MUSIC sorry i'm going to upset you all i have tickets to go to see Emenem at the bowl in Milton Keynes 22 june my kids love him and if you listen to the words of some rappers they are very good like MS Dynamite she doesn't need to swear like some of them and it is like poetry to music, i also love reggae, R&B, lovers rock, soca which is caribean music and steel bands,gregory Issac he's music is very relaxing,also Will Smith,UB40,Ashanti,Mirah Carey,i like quite a lot of stuff but not heavey rock altho i used to like the who many years a go and i loved blondie i no i will probably be to ill to go to see Eminem but the kids will love it.
    Loopyloo xx