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  1. ggks

    ggks New Member

    I have never seen this topic approached yet. Mabe it doesn't apply. Here it is.

    Is there some kind of music you can play in the house that will help with your pain?

    Maybe subliminal type. I think there are some stores play this kind of music that tells a would be thief that they really do not want to steal when walking thru the store. GGKS

  2. karynwolfe

    karynwolfe New Member

    I agree with the Bach theory; it may not be subliminal but it sure is beautiful!

    Many types of classical music have been proven to help with pain, but for some, the brain is wired to respond to music moreso than in others. You might observe this in people who seem to connect with music on a much deeper level than most. (I am one.)

    Maybe this link will be helpful =)

  3. victoria

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    I just started reading Musicology by Oliver Sacks, so I'm curious as to what he has to say.

    I know that listening to music that I really enjoy, no matter what type, really makes a difference. I pick according to whatever sounds "right", from fast to slow. But bottom line is that it is something that I respond to it.
  4. quanked

    quanked Member

    Years ago, I was in therapy and the therapist used some very emotionally evocative music (at least to me) that was useful in bringing up painful memories and feelings. At that point I was being treated with "primal" therapy. I am not aware of any studies about using music in this way but I would bet there are some.

    If self-talk and other self-management techniques can be useful to individuals then I would expect the use of music could be useful as well.

    Self-observation has taught me that listening to different kinds of music cause different kinds of thoughts and feelings for me.
  5. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Great Topic, as I love music!

    In my mind I play many songs. Too bad I haven't recorded them yet!

    On the CD "Hopeless" I have 6 hits.

    1) "Catch-22." It goes like, "I'm in a Catch-22, That's why I'm so blue. Caught in a Catch-22, Murphy's Law's got me blue."

    2) "Doctor's Eyes." It goes like, "No matter how ill I am, no matter how much I cry, I don't deserve patient rights, at least in the doctor's eyes."

    3) "What In The Heck Do They Know?" Goes like, "They think I put on a show of where my pain goes, but oh oh oh, what in the heck do they know?"

    4) "If Only They Had This, Too!" "If everyone would speak their mind, I know what they'd say, too; they'd tell me that I was crazy and lazy, if only they had this, too!"

    5) "Hypocratic Hypocratic oath" Goes like, "They say that doctors are smart, but there's so much they don't know. Its as if they all sign a hypocratic hypocratic oath."

    6) "CFS is just a name." Goes like, "CFS is just a name for chronically fatigued scientists who cannot realize that millions will have CFS and then be trivialized, as if we weren't really really ill. But we can learn to forgive those dumb nitwits, who never thought of "what-if's," just as long as we don't take their pills."


    On a serious note: Music is great for the soul. I often listen to it, and while it'll never take away my pain, it brings me joy, laughter, serenity, and peace, which is something a doctor could never give me because they're too busy judging me. Great topic!
  6. scotlandrose

    scotlandrose Member

    I am a music Therapist, graduated Berklee College of Music with my degree in 1999. Was in the middle of my masters at Temple when I got CFS/FIBRO.

    Music therapy can be used with many patients: disabled children, Alzheimers, PTSD, etc. Most music therapists specialize in one or two areas. We are trained as therapists as much as we are trained at musicians. I worked at Easter Seals with disabled children. It can get complicated.

    I have taken undergrad as well as graduate classes in Stress and pain reduction. Never dreamed i would be using it on myself! Obviously, I am not working now, but hope to in the future.

    The kind of music used for stress or pain reduction varies radically from person to person. For instance, that relaxing "New Age" stuff they play alot during massages etc., makes me crazy. I can only respond to, believe it or not, heavy metal.

    Some music therapists specialize in this area, and i have seen amazing results. I have gotten quite good at self medication music therapy. I have even had minor surgery without being put to sleep, just a little novacain and music.

    I would love to help teach you how to do this! It would make me feel useful, and you feel better, or give you another tool to use against this DD.

    I sometimes don't get to the computer as often as i want or should. Let me know if I can help and if so, how do you want to do this. I mean, here on this board, email, phone etc.

    I do not know how i could cope if i did not have this tool!

  7. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    When you say you only respond to heavy metal, even though it sounds crazy, I think it's similar to responding to Bach. I've heard it said that heavy metal bands are frustrated musicians because they have a lot of talent but these days good musicians can only find a place in heavy metal. I LOOOVVE Bach and it's like therapy for me and as regards heavy metal, until it got way too loud and intense I responded to it in a similar way (and some hard rock bands, like esp. the Yes album, Drama). It would actually soothe and relax me! Pop songs and jingles make me crazy, ugh! A lot of the New Age stuff sounds contrived and silly to me but I find some of it relaxing.

    I guess for us they better change that saying to: Music--it soothes the savage brain.
  8. scotlandrose

    scotlandrose Member

    I only like a certain kind of this music. I used to sing opera, and some of the singers in "metal" bands sing in a similar way. I really like Sebastian Bach, who was with Skid Row. He can really sing! He has also been in 3 broadway musicals, and was excellent. I cannot stand the bands that just play as fast as humanly possible or just scream at the top of their lungs.

    Also, music is often associated with events, or times of our lives. Lots of music can relax me, but i can count on my favorite heavy metal bands. I concentrate on the vocals, and some songs have a beat that really grounds you.
  9. jole

    jole Member

    As a nurse, music therapy was a continuing ed class I attended. It was fascinating, and dealt with death and dying. Of course the room was filled with tears, but they were such emotional and healing tears. Beautiful stuff!!

    For me, it varies between symphony and 60s rock, depending on my energy level. If I am totally down, symphony or anything slow and soothing seems to help. If I have enough energy to be up and perhaps accomplish a few things, the 60s style certainly gives me a boost, not only in energy but spirit....and both seem to help with pain........Jole
  10. kat211

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    Any and all classical music elicits feelings of anger and rage in me. It doesn't matter where I am or if I am even paying attention to the music, my mood will change like a switch has been flicked. It is so bad that I actually wear headphones while out shopping, especially during the holidays, as if the crowds alone aren't enough. Of course, I don't need to pay $400/hr for someone to tell me it is because of my sister, who used to blast classical music and was just a mean, nasty, and hateful person who used to torture me, and not just in an 'older sister' way.
  11. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    I also have a deep appreciation for music. I find it gets me through the rough patches in life so I can endure more pain. I was happy to hear I am not the only person who draws strength, etc. from heavy metal. Presently my favorite band is Katatonia an amazing Swedish heavy metal band. It has become difficult to find bands with great singers as so many have resorted to the "growling" technique. Anyway, the quality of Jonas voice of Katatonia band comforts me and the innovative use of this bands instruments creating textures entertains my senses. The music is quite melancholy yet strong which I relate to quite thoroughly. I also love some of the blues artists. It also seems to give me strength, etc. I find it interesting what people need to listen to and imagine your studies were fascinating Scotland Rose. Did you learn anything about why some people cannot stand trite little shallow happy pop songs? I'm serious. They drive me utterly bonkers. lol

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