Must doctors cooperate with SSD requests?

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    The answer is NO. Doctors are not required to cooperate and provide SSD with copies of your records or fill out SSD forms. This is where you as the claimant come in, and you must talk with your doctors in the beginning about whether they will support you by filling out forms, etc. I have a post on this board about talking to your doctor about your case and it is a gentle way of broaching the subject with your doctors.

    Below is my answer to someone's post on another ProHealth board that found his doctor will not fill out SSD forms for him and he needs them for an ALJ hearing. And I explained to the poster about reading my post on this board about talking to your doctor about your case.

    In one single post, you have named your doctor by name and accused him/his organization of being evil, kiss ass, malicious, frivilous, GODS, lack of responsibility to the patient, they are a disgrace to their profession, and they are quack/jerks. JUST A HINT, THIS ISN'T THE WAY TO INFLUENCE ANY DOCTOR OR ANYONE TO COMPLETE FORMS FOR YOU. Now delete your angry post because you don't want it remaining on the internet and don't put the doctor's name in angry posts.

    If you go to the Disability Board, I have a post about talking to your doctor about your case. IT'S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD READ RIGHT NOW. Most people go into SSD cases without talking with their doctors about whether their doctors will fully support them in their SSD cases--I mean not only supporting that the patient is unable to do any type of work, but that the doctors will support them by responding to SSD record requests and complete SSD forms to help the patient through this SSD process.

    The doctors may feel you can't do any work, but they don't want to be part of your SSD case and they don't have to. Doctors are not required to fully cooperate in SSD cases. In fact some doctors never respond to SSD's record requests or info requests and send nothing to SSD (that's why the claimant always provides copies of all medical records to SSD and never leaves it to the doctors' offices). Some doctors do not want the added burden and costs of providing bulk medical records and/or completing forms when they know there are so many SSD claimants out there.
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    A good atty. is worth his or her weight in gold (even at today's prices :)

    My atty. gave me names of docs who are cooperative in helping people get disability. He had his own questionnaires for the docs to fill out. I had my own docs and they also filled them out.

    Being combative with the docs gets one nowhere. If a doc isn't cooperative, kick him to the curb and find one who is. Docs work for us and not the other way around. My docs bent over backward to help me and even my atty. was surprised at how many documented my inability to work at any job. He thought that won the case for us.

    Love, Mikie
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    You are 200 percent right. Any doctor that won't cooperate to fill out the SSA forms, the claimant should consider seeing another doctor that will fully cooperate in filling out SSA forms because pursuing and getting those SSD benefits are vital. Everyone, please don't wait to have the conversations with your doctors about filling out forms. Know from the start so that you can properly plan your case and that includes the doctors you will use.

    AND a doctor refusing to provide copies of records to SSD (in case you didn't send copies yourself), can result in the state DDS contacting you to have a CE (Consultative Examination) by doctors of their own choosing because they don't have enough medical information on you. Try to avoid the C.E. by providing copies of all the medicals yourself (or if you have an attorney, that s/he will provide copies of all your medicals). So if your doctor refuses to send copies of your records, it can force you into a C.E. that may be unfavorable. [This Message was Edited on 08/01/2011]