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    I have had FM for 5 years. Throughout that time I have used this message board for comfort and advice. I need to tell my story. I developed Hashimoto's about 12 years ago. About 5 years ago I was getting real sore, extreme fatigue etc which could not be because of the thyroid. My family doctor sent me to a rheumytologist and after some blood work told me is was FM. So desperate for sleep he gave me Ambien and for the pain Tramadol. That seemed to work then. As time went on the flare ups became closer together and lasted longer. When I was real bad he gave me Lortab. Over the last 2 years I got real bad dry eyes, dry mouth, my nose was always swollen and red, my asthma lasted 6 months at a time, bouts of vertigo, and again so much pain. Then the depression sets in. My fibro fog was constant. My short term memory all most did not exist. My 10 year old was always having to finish my sentences for me. Almost 3 weeks ago I decided to stop taking my Ambien. I was tired of having to depend on it to sleep. If I was hurting a little more I would take a little more ambien. Then have to check to make sure that I would not run out. The night binge eating and reports of staying up and having conversations on the phone and not remembering them was also concerning. So I quit (this is not advised by any doctor) I had to do it this way because I did not trust myself to wean off. If it was in the house I would use it. I felt like a drug user coming off drugs. The shakes, cold sweats, hot flashes it was hard. I did not sleep much the first couple of days. I was so scared I was going to put myself down with alot of pain. What happened was I DID NOT HURT!!! My pain was decreased by 75% immediately. So many of the symptoms I had attributed to FM stopped. Even if the pain had not stopped, just the clear headedness, the focus, the heavy feeling I was always carrying around instantly stopped. I almost felt like I was high. I went to see the doctor that helps me with my thyroid problems and he told me that for the last 5 years I was living like a zombie. Here is the kicker. For alot of people Ambien acts like a inflamatory!!! What? This whole time I had been creating my problems from taking this pill. Why didn't the doctor that was helping for the FM tell me this? I was real mad for a couple of days but know I feel so blessed that I can live somewhat normal again. I only have to take 2 Tramadol once a day and sometimes I can just use ibuprofen. I am not saying that this will work for everyone. But I have talked to several family members that take ambien and they have also experienced hip and join pain that they did not have before taking ambien. Ambien is only suppose to be given for short term use 30 days tops. My point is giving this information is that if someone's doctor recommends using it don't do it. Use Lunesta or Rozerem. If someone is using it and can relate to my story take to someone that can help you get off. I am not saying I am cured but I am so proud that I took that terrifying step to stop and ending up with the results of where I am at now.

    I hope this my be able to help just one person.

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    Been taking Ambien for 5 years and suddenly it's just not working anymore. Doc prescribed Sonata and I took that for one night. I was awake until 4 AM, wondering exactly how long this took to work.

    Jam, what combo are you using? I sure don't need any more pain, with these back issues and I'm all for natural as much as possible! Right now I take 10,000 Vit D (chiro said I needed higher dose because of inflammation and low sunshine 6 months a year) Magnesium 250 at night, Omega 3,6,9, and Women's One multi. I know something is missing. I was wondering about olive leaf extract. Grapeseed doesn't get it for me, makes me kind of woozy. Thanks so much!

    Soft hugs
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    I had used ambien or benzo's for sleep for 10 years. Both of these are sedatives and will cause dependency if used for a long period of time. Every year my pain and anxiety seemed to get worse and worse and I would have to increase my dosage or switch meds. I thought this was the norm for fibro patients. I tried Trazadone and it made my heart pound. Last November I felt like I was crazy in pain and anxiety! I weaned myself off of Neurontin and Trazadone. I used Zoloft and Zanax for two months and then weaned myself off of those meds. I have been off prescription meds for 4 months and NO LONGER have fibro fog, uncontrolable anxiety, migraine headaches, and pain that makes me want to sit in a room and cry!

    I now use 200 mg of 5HTP, 1000 mg of GABA (pure GABA) and fibro sleep by Prohealth for sleep at night.

    During the during day I use fibro freedom by Prohealth, Fibro Multi vitamin by Prohealth, Omega 3 and Ubiquinol. A Calcium, magnisium and Vit D capsule. Also, 5,000 mg of Vit. D and sublingual Vit B complex. I use 200 mg l-theanine during the day as needed for anxiety.

    Lots of deep breathing and relaxation to keep pain levels low...prescription sedative meds only mask the emotional pain.

    I slowly increased the 5hpt and lowered the zoloft and slowly increased the GABA and lowered the Ambien.

    I do walk my dogs during the day and try to keep a regular schedule of good eating (gluten free) and sleeping habits.

    I still struggle with anxiety and pain but I am sooooo much better without all the prescription meds!!!!
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    that Ambien is a terrible drug for long term use!! I used it for several years.I just kept feeling worse and worse. All kinds of pain. I had more and more bed-bound crashes--much closer together and so bad I literally thought I was dying!! One day I got the bright idea that maybe it was the stupid Ambien so I just quit. And things started improving right away. There was some withdrawal symptoms but overall better every day. It's been 2 months and I haven't had to spend one day in bed. Pain is much better. Still experimenting with what works for sleep, but will not go back to the Ambien--EVER!!
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    Thank you very much for posting this. I've been on Ambien for a few years and it has stopped working - I would like very much to stop taking it. It's nice to know someone has been able to get rid of it. I'm going to try to do the same.


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