Mustard Remedies (pain)

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    I think it was the other day, Dr. Oz was discussing merits of yellow mustard....a friend told me this as I don't watch daytime tv as a rule. I think he was talking about back pain mostly.

    So got to thinking about this and years ago "mustard packs" were pretty common with the old time remedies...for pain issues.

    After doing some research, I found sites that talked up all mustards....and also 1t mustard for indegistion. I'm using my dijon mustard and even pushed myself to lap up a tsp and also using it on foods I'm eating today. Mustard is an alkaline food.....ingredients in the dijon are: organic apple cider vinegar, water, orgarnic mustard seed, sea salt, organic spices.....

    I will cook a chicken sausage later and smear it with dijon mustard....wouldn't it be great to end up with less pain due to mustard use.

    Talking to a friend today we both agreed and it's true since pharma has taken over the health world, they like to think that anyway and many are wising up, all the wonderful healing herbs are not talked about as they should be.....but thanks for the media and the net many of us are re-visiting these old remedies...

    Do your's a good link to read thoroughly.‎
    Loading... Let me count the ways...there's yellow, spicy, honey, dijon, horseradish, ... My mother use to use mustard rubbed on the bottom of feet as a cure for ear aches.
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    Years ago when I was working I had heard that taking a little yellow mustard when you had a sore throat really helped it. Told a young coworker about it, and she promptly got one of those little packets and swallowed the mustard.......let it coat your throat so no water afterwards. She told me the next day she was amazed at how it took away the pain and healed her sore throat.
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    Sun, that is a good report and I'm working with Dijon mostly now...sore throats are not an issue but they were most of my life before grape seed ex.... I'm working with the mustard for back pain and general pain....we shall see.....jam
  4. sunflowergirl

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    Are you eating it or applying it? I have some mustard daily on my sandwich but still have pain.
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    Oh eating it, and yesterday lapped down a spoon of Dijon...I don't eat mustard often, but just bought a new jar a week ago and found this info.....I'm going to concentrate on using it more and even a shift with pain would help....I'm not looking for it to be a cure all, I don't see me ever not taking advil. Negative thinking but I know the body I live in. jam

    If you use mustard daily perhaps it's helping with pain anyway....start using more to test your body...and be aware of the body changes if any, even subtle, and over a long time. Do you think you're getting a tsp daily?
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    I love Dijon and probably get a TBS plus on my sandwich.
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    I just read a lot of reviews and other info on mustard seed and it's also very good for digestive issues.....

    I just took another tsp of the Dijon, no water to wash it down, and it's really tasty...I'm going to work with the Dijon and see if I will realize some pain reduction...

    There are mustard caps, mustard powder and lots of mustard products, mustard pretzels....honey/mustard potatoe chips, I will even start to add some to soups and chili bowls.....I'll be buying more Dijon......

    Maybe I will buy some mustard capsules and pour some into the topical concoction I make can make up plasters for certain areas too....lots of possibilities:‎
    Mustard seed was recommended in 1653 for toothaches, joint pain, skin ... to clear up chest congestion and relieve arthritic and rheumatoid pain and soreness .
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    I consider myself lucky after finding this thread. I have always enjoyed a variety of different kinds of mustard, and now that I think about it I haven't had too many issues with pain overall. I found the link you shared to be a great read, and I appreciate your taking the time to share. I have always been fascinated with the abilities of different plants as both medicine and food. I would imagine a time in our history as a species where our diet would include a variety of foods that had both medicinal and nutritional value. Maybe I can start a new diet fad with that idea. I'll call it the medtritional diet or something.