My 2nd peptide injection (RA)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by halfacre2, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. halfacre2

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    Well, I made it one whole week between my 1st and second shot without taking any pain meds. I had my 2nd one yesterday and now the next milestone is how I will do for the next 3 wks before my next one. I did not have a headache after this shot. I feel really great! I get some gas after the shot but doc says that is normal. I feel more clear headed but that is probably due to not being pain meds or other drugs now. I have lots of energy until late afternoon. I am focusing on trying to figure out my triggers because if I don't, after I am off the shots it could come back, they don't know.

    One of the things I have found that has helped me was to learn Tai Chi. I did it even when I was in a lot of pain but found that it did relieve pain. It is great for fibro, depression, etc. anyone can do it. It works with pressure points in the bottom of your feet that are attached to internal organs to help them function better. It is like an internal massage. It was the only excerise I could do and my doc recommended it. I also had 2 bulging discs when I started and it also helped that issue. Please find something to keep you moving. Love yourself first and believe you are worth it. Do healthy things to get some relief not only physically but mentally.

    Praying for all of you and wishing only the best!
    Blessings Vicki
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    I'm following your posts with interest, and very glad to see you are continuing to do so well!

    I'm just curious - how much does your doctor charge for the injections?

    Dr. Gruenn in L.A. charges either $330 or $390, depending on what you get. I was supposed to go this Thursday for my first injection but am still battling the flu (or some nasty bug!) so had to reschedule for April 3rd.

  3. Mikie

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    I'm so happy for you. How long the shots last has more to do with how many receptors a person has in his or her body. I do think it's best to rest when tired because there is the temptation to overdo things. Keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
  4. halfacre2

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    My doc just raised his price to $280 a shot. This is for the RA serum. He isn't charging me for an office call just for the shot. I live in St George UT and his name is Dr Hinkle. He is a DO so my insurance pays for office calls but not the shots. My husbands insurance allows for us to put money on a visa card the begining of the year that is taken out of his pay. The insurance is paid back over the course of the year which has made it nice. I have also used this card for all the herbs, etc that the doc prescribes. I am so thankful I can do these shots. I wish everyone could do them.

    Thanks for the advise on not to overdo things. I am one of those who do.


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