My 8 y.o. daughter

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  1. lease79

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    I've always worried about her, because from a young age she has displayed signs & symptoms of FMS.
    All the other kids seem okay, so far, but the oldest is just like me :(
    Some people have commented that maybe she is making it up for attention etc... But that's just not her, & truth be known, she doesn't know much about what's going on with me. We don't talk about it as a family, she just knows that she has a Mummy that is tired all the time.
    Anyways she complains about bright light, has headaches, is hard to get out of bed in the morning. She also seems to feel pain where there isn't any specific reason for it & then last night she called me in & told me that she was hurting.
    I asked her where & she pointed around her lower abdomen, & hips/legs area. Considering she was upset about it I pushed lightly around her belly to make sure it wasn't appendicitis. She was a tiny bit tender all over (like me *sigh*) but said 'No Mum it's in my bones.' I asked her what she meant & she said it hurts bad on the inside of my bones. In her hips, & legs & over the front of her lower pelvis. I know that all children can have growing pains, & that it could be just that, but still I can't help but worry. There are just so many things that she going on that make it look like fibro, but I'm really worried about taking her to the dr about it, seeings through in SA there isn't alot of awareness about it & I can just see my dr looking at me like I am nuts.
    She is a fien boned child, the skinniest of my lot, but still within normal weight for height range. She eats well & prefers fruit, carrots etc.. to junky food.
    Any suggestions?? In a way I don't want to get into this if there is nothing wrong, but I also don't want her at 11 like I was feeling like there was something really wrong, but everyone telling me I was fine. That scared the life out of me until I got a dx at 18.

  2. cybelle72

    cybelle72 New Member

    that you and your daughter have to go through this. It's awful to know that someone you love is hurting and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I really have no advice, but I had to respond. Reading that was like reading about my own experiences as a small child. I remember saying the same words to my mom, "it hurts inside my bones". She thought it was growing pains, told me it was, for 18 years. Turns out, it's not growing pains. I'm just so glad to hear that you are taking her pain seriously enough to be concerned.

    I say that you take her to the doctor, even if they do look at you like you are crazy. Keep taking her untill they take it seriously if you have to. There are many other reasons or bone like pain too, they may be able to pinpoint exactly what it is, and help.

    Good luck!
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  3. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    My son has alot of the symptoms of fibro.

    Then my sister in-law with fibro had one daughter that died (she died in a house fire) and she was about nine years old when she started showing symptoms of fibro, she was always tired and she always got alot of headaches and she also had the pain in her bones and the tenderpoints.

    My sister in-law also has another daughter who has the symptoms and has had them for a while but she is in denial.

    She is 18yrs old but has had the symptoms for quite a few years, in fact not long after her sister died in the house fire she started showing symptoms, it was her 10th birthday so she has alot of guilt.

    She had got money for her birthday and wanted to go shopping so they tried to get her sister to go but she was too tired and wanted to rest so that is what she was doing when the fire started and she slept through it, until at the end right before she died, my husband and her grandpa finally woke her up enough to get her to the window and she grabbed my husband and her grandpas hands and then she passed out from smoke inhalation.

    Sorry didn't mean for this to be so long.

    I guess those feeling from the fire are coming out she died on valentines day, i just miss her alot.

    Also I think I feel bad because I could save her.

    Now my son has depression and even at one time said he wanted to die and go be with her, now he is doing somewhat better.

    sorry again but I really think your daughter does have fibro, though I am no dr.

    Hope this helps good luck to you Pamela
  4. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    Thankyou all for your input. I think that I will get her an appointment with my dr asap.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    ME TOO! I've been scared for my 9 year old dauther. She is just as you describe. She gets terrible growing pains -bring her to tears. She gets mouth sores, and bad headaches too. She is also a lot like me in her sensitivity to sounds, etc..

    To make matters worse i just learned that her dad has RA! (We are divorced but on very good terms.) What the HELL!!! So she has it coming from me and from him.

    I've talked to my dr about it and will be bringing her in soon but I'm trying to get my game plan together as I don't want to overwhelm her.

    I have noticed that she is much worse when she lacks sleep or has had a lot of sugar so we are working on that to begin with.

    I'd like you to update me on what you find out with your daughter. Does your girl have intense emotional outbursts? Mine gets hysterical for no reason. We have to be optimisitc that catching this early might give them a better chance at living well with it.

  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    This sounds like oit vcould be Juvenile RA. Can you check it.

    Love Anne C
  7. proteinlady

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    The literature says that 85% of children with FM symptoms will out grow it. Whether That number and research holds up, remains to be seen. My son is an overachiever. When he was in 5th grade he started having severe problems getting to sleep and started to complain about having chest pains, neck and shoulder pain and leg pain. He had most of the tender points that I have. His PCP took these symptoms very seriouslly after I told him I have FM. He did a tender point exam on my son and mapped the tender points on a body diagram. He stopped when he got to 8 tender points because he did not want to officially classify him with FM.

    Doc immediately said to give him benadryl at night to help get him to sleep. 85% of people get sleepy from benadryl while it stimulates the other 15%. Son fell into the 15% group and was up all night with a racing brain as he put it after taking the benadryl. I also noticed at this point that son wanted to be perfect in school and would get upset if he got a 98 on test at school. He actually said he would die if he didn't get a 100 next time because he wouuldn't be able to get into a good college. I too am an overachiever and recognized this was exactly how I was at his age both in attitude and aches and pains.

    Called the doc and said benadryl stimulated him and described school stress. I demanded a psyche evaluation and the doc agreed. Best thing I ever did for my kid. Psychiatrist said after evaluation based on forms husband, teacher , and I filled out and with talking to son that he was normal in all areas except school. Wanting to be perfect wasn't good but this was a common problem with gifted kids. I said I had fibro and I see myself in son and I didn't want him to end up like me. I needed him to change from a type A to type B personality.

    He was put into therapy and learn stress dealing techniques and that it was OK to not be perfect. They taught him things like deep breathing and other types of exercised to relax, the use of a worry box (visually locking your worries into a box and putting them away) and many other techniques.

    This was the best thing I ever did for my son. He started sleeping again and stopped stressing over school. He's a completely different kid. With sleep and release of stress his aches and pains went away.

    He's 16 now and a straight A student. When he gets a 80 or 70 on a test, it doesn't phase him just says he'll get 'em next time. He's a total type B personality, and much happier.

    I don't mean to diminished your child's symptoms. They're real and you need doc's help to address them. I just want you to look at whole picture to see if there's other areas that can be addressed that will help with FM symtoms as well. Stress leads to adrenal problems that leads to aggravating FM etc.

    Good luck to you and daughter. Please keep us informed.


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