My 83-year-old neighbor and greens food - energy boost!

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    Thought I would change the title, this is a compelling story ....

    My neighbor Doris is 83 years old and has stage 4 kidney disease (one step from having to go on dialysis). She’s been at stage 4 I think for a couple of years now - has a very good doctor who keeps a good eye on her. She also had a mild heart attack 3 or 4 months ago. All in all, she has not been looking good, especially since the heart attack - frail and weak, and I thought she couldn’t go on much longer this way.

    Then I saw her outside one day last week and she looked perky and much stronger than before. I was really glad and very surprised to see this. Yesterday I visited with her a little in her home, and she was still looking remarkably good. Total change from a month ago.

    She told me she started taking this greens product that she saw on TV. It had lots of testimonials, etc. Anyways, she’s been taking it for about a week now and she said that’s the only thing she’s doing different. She knows herself how much better she feels.

    The product is All Day Energy Greens. You can find at ivlproducts dot com.

    I have a greens product from Swanson Vitamins I’ve been taking on and off, am now going to start taking it religiously, but I think when it runs out I’ll try what Doris is doing.

    She’s really remarkable. She could live with her kids but doesn’t want to be a burden. Also, they’re out of the area. Her husband is in an assisted living facility in the area - he needs more care than she does - she could live there but doesn’t want to lose her independence (!) He can drive and is over several days a week visiting. She can’t drive, so betwixt the both ....

    Anyways, I know this sounds like one of those testimonials you read about, but the difference in her really is amazing.

    Also, she told me she had a sore for close to a year that wouldn’t heal by her eye (I never noticed it till she pointed it out) and that that was healing now. It sounds like a basal cell skin cancer to me (I had one once) but it is healing. But she does have an appointment with a dermatologist which she is going to keep to check it out anyways.

    I know someone else posted last week about some vegie and fruit supplements they got from GNC and how their energy was greatly improved. I don’t remember the name of the products, but it sounds similar to what Doris is experiencing.

    (Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the above product and make no claims beyond what is set forth here. Whew!)

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    bump bump bump
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    Thanks for sharing good news. It never hurts to post a positive success story. I am so happy for your neighbor and it sounds like something i would want to try.

    Thanks again!!!!
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    Yeah, it is a little pricey, unless you can buy in quantity (which of course is not cheap either). Actually, I never would have even considered trying something like this (after just seeing it on TV) except for the quite noticeable improvement in my neighbor. The stuff I'm taking from Swanson's is quite a bit cheaper. Anyways, I do plan to try at least one bottle of this new product when the Swanson's runs out - ya never know....

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    You're welcome! The change in my neighbor was just so compelling - she was so frail and weak, and now is alert, has more energy, just overall much better - I do plan to try a bottle before too long -


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