My Accident and Symptoms

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    I want to thank those that responded. Thank you for giving me advice on how to write so it doesn't look like the way I talk...LOL.
    I am 57 yr. old female...was diagnosed about 6 yrs. ago.
    No I don't take pain medication because I've had so many problems with it. It's not worth it. I do have to admit on occasion I do but as usual I take a short nap but still moan in my sleep.
    I am very pushy with my doctors and have been called stubborn. I am the one who insisted on some of the tests. I did have high blood pressure then was taken off the med I was on because my pressure became normal. When it the dyastolic (lower number) started droppping I was happy.
    But when the entire blood pressure was under 100 I called the doctor and said something is wrong. I want some tests to find out why. My husband had 3 heart attacks in one month and I had the accident and my blood pressure is dropping?????
    I have been called pushy, stubborn, etc. and I don't care because you know what? I am!!!!!
    What really scares me is that I was put on Provigil to keep me awake at least early in the day so I can drive because I had troble staying awake. I always sleep through the night probably becuase I don't take a nap now.
    Well, I tried to keep this less cluttered but I need to work on it. I'm trying...sorry.