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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by eccentric-eric, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. eccentric-eric

    eccentric-eric New Member

    I wore myself out, the other day when KS was 80 degrees out, on a 10mile bike ride. I was tired the next day plus tiring weather. Then 2 days after i spent the afternoon redoing the other side of the double closet in our new apt. Then did some chores and ran some errands for my lovely wife. Lately I've been too tired and major brain fog to type anything. So this post is a few days after the fact. Lately during the daytime i get sleepy and tired and have to nap after reading websites for 5 minutes.

    anyone get that tired just from 5 mins of reading? Me its more so after breakfast and lunch lately. I've been sleeping for a few hrs after breakfast since september. used to get right on those computer projects after breakfast.
  2. eccentric-eric

    eccentric-eric New Member

    Friday i got the whole apt swept, mopped, and vacccumed in a hour without stopping to rest till later. usaully i start many projects and never get around to finishing.

    I notice if i don't bike ride for 1-2 weeks i get out of shape fast with this DD. But now the cold weather is here i have to get in the mood for the treadmill at our apt complex gym or swimming at the ESU campus pool for $6 a month.
  3. IowaMorningGlory

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    This week I baked probably about 30 dozen cookies for my kids. My husband knew I had been in a flare for a couple weeks and worried about my pain. He asks me if you hurt so bad, why are you baking this many cookies?

    My answer, "If I overdue on good days it will put me into a flare, so if I am already in a flare and hurt like no other then I might just as well try doing something to help me keep my mind off it."

    When I am in a flare I too can sit at the computer and my eyes go closed in minutes, but oh go to try and sleep and I hurt so bad, or jump so much I can't. I can't sit, I can't lay down, and I hurt standing up! Go figure! I am so tired and cranky.

    Example of tired and cranky. My neighbor is moving back to Utah. She is supposed to be catching a bus tomorrow, and I can't wait for her to leave! She is nice, but one who does not understand what FM is. I have tried nicely to explain, didn't help. I will be so glad not to have that doorbell ring five times in a day.

    Eccentri-eric, you hang in there and keep trying to do what you can while you can. We will always have bad days so do now what you can when you can.

    Blessed Be & Kitten Hugs,
  4. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    a food mentioned getting tired after breakfast and lunch. You may have a food allergy, and keeping a food diary could help you pinpoint what is bothering you. My guess is try staying away from dairy and sugar for a few could help. Then check out Stormyskye's post called "My Road to Remission"- she has a morning shake that she fixes for energy and less brain fog. Best wishes...Terri
  5. tejanya

    tejanya New Member

    the yo-yo effect. you feel great do a bunch of things. overdue and have to rest. then, only rest just enough to feel better and go at the stuff full force again. then, have to rest (some of us have to live flat and i use ear plugs so the extra sensitivity doesn't effect my stage 4 sleep.) and you just keep on that yo-yo cycle.
    just because i know of it, doesn't mean i never overdue.

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