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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Oh boy migranes on top of bulging disks,raynauds that is killing me and this blood sucking fm.


    Lord I hurt so bad.Just talked to physical therapist and she advised me to take more of my pain meds.

    I am so afraid of becoming dependant that I let myself hurt.

    But another thing that is going on with this headache and neck pain is pressure in my neck and head.Pain in ears ,shoulders and eyes.

    Therapist said it sounded like migranes.I beleive she is right.She also said that if the pain meds. aren't helping than call the dr. and get something stronger.I may have to do that.I feel ill.You know that wonderful feeling you have the flu.Been feeling this way a long time now.

    But I have still be able to do a few things.very few.I did plant some purple pansies today.Just put them in some containers I have nailed to some posts sticking out of my garden.No bending down needed.very simple job.My sweet husband is helping me alot.He knows how much I love to work in the garden and is helping me alot.

    I am working on having beautiful gardens and bird feeders out side of every window in our house so we can look out side and see the beauty of nature.Especially on those days that we just can't get out especially on my bad days.I am even working on a cat bed to put in the living room for our cats to lye in and watch the birds feed at the feeder right outside the window.

    SOOOOOOO many ideas.I want to feel better so bad.I am so afraid of rupturing these disks.Life is at an even more of a halt for me right now.Not only do I have to answer to this fm pain but now I have to protect my neck from more damamge.That has really put a big damper on my plans.

    Don't ya just hate that?!I hate this attack on my body.I HATE IT !!!!!!!

    But I love yaw!,

  2. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    But my birds are all outside.We have some really pretty golden finches coming around,some chicka pees,cardinals,robins and not any blue jays yet which is ok they are aggressive birds.

    We just open up the curtains throughout the house and there is a bird feeder.We can sit ,sip our coffee and just adore these birds from a distance.

    I just filled up my hummingbird feeder even though I know it is too early.I got this real funky looking feeder and I can't wait to see the hummingbirds.

    What type birds do you have.I have thought about getting a bird.I have talked to the people at our local pet store,learned a bit about them.I just love the idea of having a pet bird that will sit on my shoulder and go everywhere with me.But not sure if I can be comfortable with a bird.A little afraid of getting bit.

    I have been taking my hydrocodine like the dr. perscribed and I do feel better.Still have pain but I don't feel ill.Pain can make you so sick.

    Take care and enjoy your little feathered friends.


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