My Angels must have been praying for me Today.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Oct 6, 2006.

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    OK I have complained ,cried and said all I can about terrible Doctors so now I have to say the following.

    As many of you know I for months have had terrible luck with Doctors. I finely requested a whole set of new Doctors after my last visit to the Hospital.

    Well on Monday the new GP put me on nurontin by yesterday I had to stop it because of side effects. His nurse got me in this morning and WOW

    He seem to really hear what I was saying .He could see my hand and arm are swollen .He put me on percocet for my terrible pain with the understanding that on tue I could make an apt. with the pain clinic. He prefers and so do I that the Doctors in the pain clinic prescribe the stronger pain meds because they deal with these types of problems more. THANK GOD someone is finely sending me somewhere they can help me.

    He also said he would like to e-mail my mental health doctor and sit down and talk to him and get me some real help .In 33 years of Health care from the Army This is the first time I have EVER had a Doctor tell me he wanted to talk to my mental health doctor and together they would try to work out something to help me.

    I am so thankful .I know my Angels have been praying for me .I maybe have found a doctor that really cares and is willing to take time to really help me threw some of this.Oh, I pray I have found a good doctor Ive had such terrible pain this year specially .

    I do not want to get my hopes up to high cause we all know how fast attitudes change . I'm just really excited that maybe things will start to turn around for me after 7 years of just getting thu a day at a time .

    Thank all of you who let me vent here so often I had to share with you a GOOD DAY for me today.

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    Its great you are on the right track with the new Dr. I am going through the same thing. I left my primary dr that I had been seeing since I got sick in 1993. I felt he knew me inside and out but it got to the point he wouldnt even look at me when I went in anymore, like he was at the end of the rope with me, and really hadnt did anything for me either.

    But I am happy for you. It always great to have dr that you truse and that they beleive in you. I just this week went to a pain clinic and the dr flat out told me he didnt treat fibromyalgia. Have a bless day Brenda
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    go to a defferent Doctor or clinic .I'm sorry for your bad experence it makes you wonder why they are Doctors.
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    Yes, your angels were praying for you! I am so glad you are having luck with the health care industry. It is always a relief to find caring doctors and I wish you continued good luck and health.

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    Glad you are going to get some help now.

    How is your move to Ohio coming?


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    we are still waiting for our house to sell.We have had a few lookers this week.
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    That is SOOOO awesome! Does he have a brother near Fresno??

    Good for you!