My annual job review was NOT good/cited health issues

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nanswajo, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. nanswajo

    nanswajo New Member

    Hi all:

    Silly me.

    I thought I was so lucky that my bosses (a couple) have a friend with Fibro and understand and felt compassion for my situation. Huh.

    My annual job review today was mostly negative--all related to health. Here is what they said...( I am a floral designer )...

    "Job Performance: Unfortunately, due to a great number of health issues, job performance has been adversely affected. I believe the health issues have affected her design speed and concentration, which affects her ability to supervise others.

    Strengths: Works well with others. Good designer.

    Areas to work on: Timeliness for work. Positive attitude (health related). Need 38 - 39 hours"

    No raise. I've worked there for 5 years and gotten a raise every year and glowing feedback. I've been sick since June and asked for a few days off in August to recover, which I took. I helped them build their business and I have contributed soooo much. I am a fabulous employee, but the bottom line is the bottom line.

    I don't feel my speed has been impacted, but maybe I can't see it. I did break down and cry in front of the husband one week when we had 9 weddings and I got in touble for expressing concern about whether or not we could get it all done. Guess what, they called in extra help!

    They said that I am depressed and it is rubbing off on others. The designers are such a tight knit, supportive group, unless, of course, I'm really an idiot and someone is talking behind my back. How can I tell them that it is really the owners people are frustrated with? I can't.

    They have a very high turnover rate and always blame the people who leave. Now it will be me. I am paid more than any of the other designers. That is a big part of it.

    This hurts and is scary. I was truly naive to share my health issues with them. Live and learn. I can be so innocent and naive sometimes.

    My husband thinks they are preparing records to justify letting me go.

  2. dakotasweett

    dakotasweett New Member

    I am very sorry to hear about your experience. It seems as though your bosses cannot truly respect how hard you work despite the medical issues. I can empathize with how difficult it is to work while feeling so badly physically. I'm sorry that I don't have any wonderful words of wisdom. I truly help this situation works out well for you...whatever that might entail. And if you do leave this job, focus on the fact that you worked as hard as you could...don't let their opinions harm your sense of self worth.

  3. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I'm sorry the people you trusted have let you down. That really hurts. It sounds like you are so good at your job that you could probably get a job with whatever hours you want at the competition.

    Also, if you are really feeling bad, check into whether your benefits include any disability pay--short term or long term. I quit my job a year and a half ago because I was being worked to death and harassed by my manager. I'd asked for a personal leave, but they denied it. The HR person told me the only way I could get time off was to get a doctor to order a medical leave. At that point I didn't have a clue that all my weird ailments added up to FM, so I scoffed at her suggestion. I figured I didn't want to work for a company that made you lie to get time off. Now I really wish I'd listened to her. I paid into long-term disability for 6 years and would have been able to collect 60% of my salary tax free for quite awhile. No going back now.

    Good luck to you.


    I encourage you to document what's happening at work really well, in case you need back up for SSDI in the future.

  4. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member work well with others. GRRrrrrrr

    I'm so sorry they are keeping their heads in the sand and not being supportive to you. You certrainly deserve better than that. They probably want to higher someone they can pay less. Will you fight it if they let you go? You are in my prayers and thoughts.

    Heart hugs,
  5. nanswajo

    nanswajo New Member

    Hi all:

    I have always been told that I am so nice, but that can be to my disadvantage at times and so it goes.

    Unfortunately I have no disability program, Francie. Oh well.

    It truly is hard for me to work. I probably should go part time and they say they would love to have me part time, but after all this I don't think I want to be there. Too much stress and the husband is being such a jerk and driving everyone crazy.

    They are really scared for themselves because we are coming up on the busiest time of year: Thanksgiving/Christmas and, truly, I don't think I can do it. I guess I have had my head in the sand too, but this all happened so fast! I keep thinking it will be fixed somehow,

    In hindsight, if I only had disability!!

    I'm sure many of you have been where I am now. OMG.

    Thank you for your supportive replies and thoughts.

  6. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    NOW .You will need that for your records if you ever aplly for ssd also make sure you get coppies of all your pastb revues theyu helped me win my case.

    Im so sorry you feel this way.

    Know we are here for you.

  7. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    It is not too late to turn it around. These people are soooo shallow. Just become a very good actress and liar, yes a liar.

    You need to protect yourself and stop being naive. So what you do? - gradually demonstrate to them through your attitude and behavior you are "cured". Even though you may not feel well, don't ever talk about it again to them or your co-workers.

    If anyone asks, tell them you went on a new med that has completely helped you. In the future, if you are sick, it has to be anything except the fibro that is wrong.

    If you have to have days off, try to use any other excuse except illness. Soon the focus will be off you.

    Yes, this is a game and you need to learn to play the it with these people.

  8. nanswajo

    nanswajo New Member

    Thank you so much. I really needed your feedback. I do have a copy of this review and I think I have others somewhere.

    You are so right about acting that I am OK. I can do it!! Maybe.

    I make the mistake of thinking that my bosses are my friends.

    I certainly hope it does turn around. Today I feel sooo sick and flu-like, but I know it is the Fibro. Right?

  9. blondie45

    blondie45 New Member

    because companies like to not give an employee any raise that they want to quit. They try this route first because if you quit on your own then you can't get unemployment. Hang in there!!!
  10. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    Your story at work sounds like what she ran into at 3 different shops over the years...and it always seemed to be the owners being critical of something that really didn't even exist..they were just making changes in their shop! You have every right to be treated fairly ..even with your illness...and if you want to pursue can talk to people in your state that deal with businesses, and "handicapped" employees. They are required by law to do certain things to help you! Since you are already employed by do have rights. cannot control what people say about you..and if it is just too hard for you to work for people that don't "get it". You should probably consider moving on. I wouldn't pretend I was fine if I were you. Unless you KNOW you can overcome your FM limitations on a daily basis.
  11. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    I may be in a fog today but I'm wondering if this could be a good thing. While your feelings are hurt which is understandable and not getting a raise really bites but maybe they are trying to show that you were a good worker and now because of this DD things have changed. If they have a friend with Fibro and this friend had to get disablitity they should be aware of the paper trial that you will need in order to show that you have changed. Try to find the reviews that show what a good worker you were and if you ever need to apply for disability you will have some good proof that are indeed disabled. Hopefully this makes sense. lol. I really do think I'm in a fog cause it took me 20 mins just to type this. lol. Oh well you have to love these types of days. Good luck and I really am sorry that your review was so bad. Try to look on the good side of this.
  12. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    I had a similar review- I was most upset b/c my health issues were mentioned as a cause for taking off early, or being absent too often, while other department heads (including our Administrator!) would take off to get their hair done or to go to the store...

    I made my hours usually, but I was told that I had to be there at consistent times, so that people could expect to find me in my office when I was needed. YET, when I call my Administrator at 8:15 when she is supposed to be in her office at 8, 9 times out of ten, she is "not in yet this morning"!

    I think I would appeal that review. If they will not rescind their comments and refuse to offer a raise consistent with the past, based on the past year's performance instead of their projections for the coming year, based on the last three months, then start accumulating evidence for an SSDI claim.

    Good Luck!
  13. chp1298

    chp1298 New Member

    I was out of work 6 months last year on STD and they welcomed me back but now after a few months they seem to be trying to push me out. I had 18 days vacation and they advised me a couple of weeks ago that due to my being out so long last year thay the corp HR said they woudld be taking 7 of those days away. I dont understand it and my supvr said she did not either. I am afraid to say much because I will be applying for FMLA again as soon as it is available so I can miss dr days wo taking occurences. They really look at people with FMLA around her much differently and whne they lay off they always do those with absences with fmla. I am an excellent performer in my job and I am here everyday. I schedule my apptmnts in late afternoon so I only have to leave early. I do feel as if I am treated diff and I dont appreciate it. As far as my job is concerned it does not suffer from my FMS.
  14. annabella39

    annabella39 New Member

    I was laid off on 8/22 supposedly because they were getting rid of my position. During the "discussion" my boss mentioned that I had limitations. There was no one there but she and I so I can't prove she said that or I would sue her w/in an inch of her hide. They gave my job to someone I trained to help me while I was on vacation. It was all very sleezy and unethical. I always did my job in a timely fashion. I did have days I was out for my FM but I had the sick time or I worked overtime to make sure my job was done.I had never been spoken to regarding my job performance but because of Texas laws, they can do what they want. So, I'm unemployed and in the midst of a flair brought on by stress but like always, I will survive!
  15. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    I lost my job after returning from medical leave. HR had told me that I could not take Short Term Disability and FMLA at the same time, also did not tell me that FMLS would protect my job.

    I helped build the department I was in. I was constantly given new duties and great reviews and raises.

    I suppose I could have sued, but the truth is, I was too sick to do much of anything. They took advantage of me. As soon as they learned I had FMS...I was dumped. Then they turned around and did the same thing to another employee right after I left. Watch your back. Do everything by the book. Find out what your rights are and don't believe everything HR tells you. Keep all documentation and if you must, locate a lawyer. Discrimination against people with FMS is very real....
  16. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    My boss got up at a beginning of the year meeting and said that the administration was really going to be looking at people who were absent more days than their normal absent days (12).
    Well, he would be the first one they should look at - he was absent for nearly six weeks with an infection in his intestine.
    His assistant was out with surgery twice in one year - total time about a month.
    I guess that is different than having CFS, CFIDS, and migraine headaches. How can people help what health problems they have? I try to make up for it by doing the best job I can everyday. I am also on my third headache doctor!

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