My arms and hands go numb if i lay on my side

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dolphin82, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Dolphin82

    Dolphin82 New Member

    Dear all,

    My arms and hands go numb if i go to sleep on my side the same with my hands could this be to do with my neck at all dose anyone know?

  2. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    And my numbness sometimes lasted 3 days.

    So last week my doc ordered an MRI to see if I am a stroke candidate.

  3. brit_17759

    brit_17759 New Member

    plus sometimes I get numbness in my legs and feet too. I do have dengenerative disc disease with five herniated discs in my neck. I did talk to the neurosurgeon about it and asked if it was caused through my neck problems and he said no, it was the FM causing it. But I am considering getting a second opinion.

  4. kevieb

    kevieb New Member

    i think it can have something to do with your neck. i have the same problem sometimes when i lay on my left side. i get headaches alot from laying down and when my hands start to go numb too often i try to get to the chiro, and it usually helps some.
  5. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I can't remember when I didn't have my arms especially go numb. Most of the time it is at night when I'm sleeping. Rarely is it any other time. I have to hold my arm out until the numbness stops and then I end up folding my arm and it comes on again.

    I've had my hand go numb several times after I had a visual migraine auras.

    Don't know why this happens to me.

  6. puppyfreak

    puppyfreak New Member

    I've had this for a while, too, worse on the right side, and thought it was because of the carpal tunnel. But I also have DJD in C5-6-7.
    Guess I'll ask my Doc next month! Thank you all for clueing me in to possible other causes!

  7. rrsbaby

    rrsbaby New Member

    My arm and part of my hand and fingers go numb,only on my right side, pins and needles type thing. Usually when I am driving and leaning on the counsole. Or leaning my right arm on anything. Also when doctor pushed down on my head, this caused severe numbness and hurt in the neck.

    As far as sleeping I have a bad habit of clinching my fists when falling asleep. Sometimes I do it so hard my finger nails leave imprints in my palm. This also causes numbness in the hands.

    It is caused by bone spurs in my neck. C5-6 6-7. It happens at any time not just when laying down. I had e-ray, nereve test on my arm, by nuer. dr and MRI.

    You should definately ask your DR about this, could be a nerve in your arm as well.

  8. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    After all the testing,it was blamed on FM.My carpal tunnel tests were negative.I do have Deg. disc disease and OA and bone spurs everywhere.My neck is a total mess,FM in it REALLY bad.So if the Drs. have no clue,they blame the FM.And the answer...ignore it.UGH!

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