my atty don't think it's idea to add fm to my case.

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    I have applyed for ssd over year1/2 now.For pituitary tumor and ic.I have an ssd atty.when i was diagnost with fm two mths ago.I told him about it with all of my medical records and dr's statement.with my next hearing come up in july. I already went before the aj in april.They postponed because the ssd dr.couldn't come to a decision[needed more infor].I tried to go back to work but they put me back off on medical because they felt i couldn't no longer handled any job title with the company with so many dr's i had to fight for worker's comp.won that and the aj suggest for me to apply for ss.too!I DIDNOT WANT TO APPLY BECAUSE I FELT I CAN WORK SOMETHING.I've been working since at the age that i have this [dd] my body is fight against my atty suggested not to bring in this DD because half of aj's not educated of it and the dr's don't no when, where, how or proof of matter what my dr statement show sign/symptoms and on going treatment for it.but i want to stand up!because no matter if they think it's in are heads[ darn it is!]cause it start with are brain malfuntioning that are body's is in pain.
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    i would add the fm the more medical condtions you have the better chance you can win get copies of your medical records and send them in yourself if your attoney wont