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    hello. i have been wanting to keep better track of my cfs treatments and general health treatments and progress for some time now. i wanted to make an extensive list of all the things i want to do each day (or a few times a week) to try to improve my health. but i am NOT a computer person at all and there is no way i could figure out how to do a chart on word processing or excell program. so i tried to make a chart on blank paper but it looked like crap. (yes i can be obsessive perfectionist!)

    finally today i got the solution! i bought a teachers roll book from staples for about $4.00. works great!!!! on one side i write all the stuff i want to do each day. ex- take vit c, fish oil, etc... drink 2 pitchers of water, eat 3 serving of veggies, take a walk, stretch, deep breathing, etc etc...

    then on the top i wrote in all the dates for the month. when i do something i check it off. i also included areas to record how i am sleeping, my energy or lack of, etc. i am hoping to be able to see some patterns emerge. to try and figure out whick treatmentrs help me. and what stuff makes me worse.

    how anal am i??!!! heheheh

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    Let us know how it works for you!

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    I like that idea, although I have always been totally disorganized.

    Here is one that is impossible, except for someone starting out taking supplements or herbs.

    You could plot points on a graph for each supp you start vs how you feel from day to day. Use the Y axis as how you feel when you start. If you start at feeling 50%, that is your first point. Take your pill and in 24 hours plot the change in how you feel, if any.

    In other words the Y axis (vertical) is divided in increments of say 5% (how you feel), the X axis in days (each day you take a certain supp).

    On second thought, I'll stick with your way :)

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    That is not anal that is brilliant!!!!!! I myself started keeping a journal on my day my pain levels when i eat how long i sleep and because I have problems with BMs I also write that in there. But sometimes I dont have the energy to write anything so i just write "no energy today." but in those cases I am usually foggy so the next day I cant remember anything but if I do remember bits and pieces I write it down.
    lol... Im not sure going back to write about yesterday is such a good idea these days. I cant remember same day stuff if i dont write it down when it happens. I recall taking pills that I didnt take. The other day when I woke up early in the am and went back to sleep; I truely in my head remembered taking my morning pain meds and I was in #10 pain level. Later in the afternoon I went to take my 2nd dose and realized that I must have hallusinated taking the am pills cause i remembered it vividly. I did it today with my afternoon dose cause I was exhausted and couldnt stay awake for anything. I went to take my dinner time meds and realized my meds that I take at 2:eek:opm I didnt take and those were the strong ones that I only take every 8 hours. I hope you can keep up every day and every event but it sounds like you have it all in a book and just need to mark it off.
    I hope this works for you. Keep us posted. Mine I started on 3-28-07.......Tam
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    Unless I am just as bad!

    I, too have started trying to bring all this together into a hard copy binder that can be where I, refer to and take to doctor appointments (the ones that wouldn't label me as a hypochondriac for having such a thing.)

    Doctor Q&A
    Tests and labs
    Food and Food allergies
    CFS theories/articles
    Activity/Movement (exercise) w heart rate monitoring
    Supplements (companies, prices, what they are and do)
    Protocols by doctor (to refer to while customizing or discussing with doctor)

    Finances Insurance, Reimbursement forms, etc.

    The part that I couldn't figure out was the section on daily journaling. Every day seemed like such a jumble of details-- the teacher's role book sounds perfect.

    Maybe we could use markers or colored pencils to note what kind of day it was-- red for our worst, yellow for in-between and green for our best. Then we could do the kind of comparison tracking on a separate graph that Andy mentioned. Like if we had a week of green dots, started a new supplement, went kind of yellow for a couple of days, but then went red for a couple of weeks, it might be easier to see what started the change, if all the other things were checked off as usual. You could see, well, it wasn't that I didn't eat my usual veggies, or didn't stretch, etc. if none of that changed. It might not explain every up or down, since that is the nature of the beast, but it could prove to be valuable as a record.

    We have to be our own researchers and scientists. This is why they made us all do those science fair projects in school -- the scientific method rocks!


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    i'm glad you guys like the idea!
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