My Baby's Baptism

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    Everything turned out beautiful that day! The Baptism went really well (although I really felt like I was going to pass out during the first half of the mass - knowing I had to stand in front of the church....and it was PACKED). The priest went over everything with us beforehand, but her Godmother (my bf) was LATE. So she missed the practice. So I had to try and explain to her during the mass what we had to do. She is a very chatty person - she just talks and talks...and she kept talking to me during the ENTIRE mass. The priest kept looking at us - I was so embarassed. That is still bothering me.

    When we finally had to stand in front of everyone and recite the "vows", my knees felt like they were going to give out - there were so many people there. But I got through it.
    We had to have the baby completely naked, but wrapped in a blanket. When we went to the Baptismal font, my husband had to dip her whole naked body into the water, while the priest baptized her. I thought she was going to cry, but insted she started laughing and was sooooo cute. Seeing her like that made things so much easier!
    Then we had to dress her in the gown (which took forever, because it has these teeny little buttons that are impossible to button....I was a nervous wreck trying to get her dressed, because I knew we were holding things up). The Godmother and Godfather had to carry the bread and wine to the altar, and we had to follow with the baby. I just kept thinking I was going to trip and drop her in front of everyone. But thankfully, that didn't happen.

    At the end of the Mass, the priest came over & held her up and everyone was REALLY nice. And everything turned out perfect. My kids even behaved (even though their cousins were there) - which shocked me. My son took a bunch of pics, but a lot of them didn't turn out really good.
    And the party went well, thank goodness. I worked so hard for 3 days straight to get everything together for that. And we had Halloween the night before. We went trick-or-treating for 2 hrs that night - so I was DOUBLY tired. Thank goodness we had the time change that night!! I really needed that extra hour of rest.

    I have a pic of her in my profile in the gown.[This Message was Edited on 11/05/2009]
  2. Granniluvsu

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    AWWW- the picture is SOOO cute. Sorry you were so nervous about it all but I know what you mean. I remember the good old days when we had to bring our 4 girls and then a boy to their Baptism.

    Sorry you were so nervous during the whole thing but glad all went weel.

    I have to run now as DH nees the puter. Iwill try and come back soon.

    Lov e,
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    Hi Kjade !!

    The day sounded like a dream come true!! I've been to quite a few Greek baptisms where the whole naked baby is completely immersed. Most babies howl--Sydney was amazing, laughing through it. My youngest was not completely undressed at her baptism-- just around her neck, but it was freezing February and they poured the ice cold holy water on her head, and she slept through the whole thing!! She was quite worse a few years later at the twins first Holy Communion when she started to howl--apparently because there was no soda machine in the church- and my mom immediately ran out with her. The odd thing was, she never drank soda...go figure!! It's funny, when we baptized the twins, all I kept thinking about was tripping. But it didn't happen--not that day anyway!

    It really is nice when everyone claps, it's as if your child is being acknowledged into your religious community for the first time.

    I am so glad your party went well too. It's so much work!! Take a little time this weekend to pamper yourself--you deserve it. Such a great mom!!!

    The photo of a laughng Sydney in her gown is priceless. You can see that she is a joy. Even though just Sydney was baptized, undoubtedly, all the Kjades were feeling blessed!

  4. mysticbrit

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    Your little girl is beautiful. Such a sweet smile. Sorry you had a case of nerves but I completely understand. For some reason our minds seem to go to the worst case scenerios whenver we're called upon to do something out of our 'norm'.

    I remember when we had our son baptized everyone else thought the other one was watching over our daughter (who was 2-1/2). Suddenly, in the middle of the ceremony we heard a noise and looked up. My daughter had wandered into the nursery and claimed her favorite toy, a little horse on wheels. Sooooo, while her brother was being welcomed into the church family my daughter chose to ride her horse down the center aisle of the church, smiling from ear to ear.

    According to the pastor, it was his first baptisim where someone arrived on horseback - LOL.

    It sounds like the Godmother might have benefited from a chill pill. I'm sure she was nervous too and I've been known to 'chatter' when I'm anxious.

    I was also surprised when you said Sydney had to be naked, wrapped in a blanket. That could present some rather unpleasant results with babies. Is this something new? It's been years since I've been to an infant baptisim so I'm not "up" on the latest procedures.

    You have such a lovely family and you work so hard. I think it's time Mom gave herself a day off, or at least a couple of hours. Easier said than done I know.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful event.

  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Hey Granni!! Thanks!
    Yes, I was REALLY nervous. Because I HATE having to stand up in front of people for ANY reason. I get so nervous (I have a history of panic disorder, which is now pretty much gone, but I still panic in crowds) that I feel like I am going to pass out. I don't know why either. The priest told me I was to hold the baby when we went up in front of the church, but I told him I was too nervous (I had this fear I was going to pass out and drop the baby on the hard stone floor) so DH held her.

    Hi Jam!
    Yes, most Catholic Baptisms today are done the way you describe. My Parish is rather "old school". They do things differently. Someone told me once that the reason they have you put the baby in the water is because that is how John the Baptist was baptized (or something like that). My oldest son's Baptism was also done this way. And the ceremony was actually very beautiful. They had music playing in the background, and it actually made me cry. My other son and daughter had more "traditional" baptisms, because they were done privately, after the mass, just in front of family. But actually, I prefer the way Syd's was done. It is like the whole church is welcoming her into the "family". And the dressing in the gown following the Baptism is symbolic also. (I wish I could remember now what it means during the ceremony, but my brain is very cloudy...LOL)
    I don't know that the 2 kids who were baptized naked in front of the whole church are going to appreciate that when they get older though. LOL. But Sydney really didn't seem to mind at all. The water was very warm, so she probably thought she was getting her bath!! I only wish someone had been behind us to capture her face.....everyone was on the other side taking pictures.
    My grandparents and my aunt had a LOT of negative things to say about the baby being placed naked in the water. They thought it was ridiculous and unneccesary. (then again, they are not very fond of my parish...)

    Hi Laura!
    Wow, your baby slept through that?? Especially with cold water? She must've been really tired that day! LOL. She probably started to scream in the church about the soda machine because she was bored..haha. Kids are funny, aren't they?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feared dropping the baby! I had high heels on (which I generally NEVER wear, so I don't walk very well in them in the 1st place) and when we brought the baby back into the church to walk down the aisle with her, she was wrapped in this huge blanket (plus she is getting heavy!) so I was so worried about that. You know I just thought of something.....the next time she is walked down the aisle like that all dressed in white, it will be her wedding day! Awwwww.
    I was going to try and finally relax this coming weekend, but my son has 2 football games, so I guess that's out. Maybe the next week........*sigh*
    Thank you - we all did feel very blessed that day. I know every second I look at her happy smiling face, I am truly blessed. Not lucky.....blessed.

    Hi Nancy!
    That made me LOL when I read about your daughter with the horse!! I would've died! What a funny story!
    You're friend should have quieted down. She has always been that way; she never stops talking or moving. She was excited and nervous too. But I felt like we were being bad school girls, and it reminded me of the days in school with the nuns looking dissapprovingly at us for whispering. Again, I feel so bad about that. I almost am afraid to show my face there.

    Oh and yes, thankfully, Sydney didn't have any accidents while in the blanket. It was only for a minute though. She was in a diaper in her carrier under the blanket during the mass, and just when the priest finished his homily we had to quickly remove the diaper. After she was Baptized she was wrapped in a white blanket by the Godmother. (also symbolic).
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I do my best. And I enjoy sharing our milestones with you all!! So thank you for always listening!
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  6. desertlass

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    Sydney is so BEAUTIFUL! I love every detail about that story-- even the part about the chatty friend and the frowning priest. Your telling of it just made it all come alive.

    The fact that she laughed during her baptism just makes the whole thing have an extra glow about it. It's funny how people get into such twists when it comes to ceremonies and rituals: how they should be done, whether they should be done at all, etc. I'm just glad that you feel good about it, since you ARE the mom, after all. :)

    I wish motherhood weren't so tiring and stressful, because then we could enjoy it all while it was happening, instead of worrying. But that seems to be the nature of it. I'm sure it's all the harder for us sensitive types.

    My SIL is in her first trimester, and I'm already worrying about HER baby. The concern expands with each new member, but so does the love!

    get some rest!
  7. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Thanks so much for your kind words.

    I know what you mean about motherhood and worrying. It seems like that is all I do is WORRY. About anything and name it. I worry about them in school, in sports, their friends, their health, their emotional well-being, ect. I worry that the way I react to things and how I treat them - I worry if some events may have a negative impact on never ends. I even worry when I sleep!
    It is a tough job, but I believe God gave me these 4 children for a reason (someone once told me that THEY chose ME....I like that!) and I am doing the best I can to make sure they grow up happy, healthy and well-adjusted. I want them to be productive, respectful adults. And yes, I wish I did try to enjoy things more since time does go by so fast.....

    Well good luck to your SIL and to your family! That is wonderful news! New babies are truly a joy and a blessing.
  8. fibromickster

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    OMG Kjade, I can't believe how big your baby girl is getting already. It seems like yesterday she was just introduced to the world.

    I am so happy for you and your baby girl that she was blessed with the sacrement of baptism. That is wonderful!!!!

    Take care,


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