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    This was my new year's resolution, and a battle to the finish it's going to be.

    It seems to have gotten even more resistant than it ever was since i took Questran this summer, which did such a number on my GI tract I felt corroded. My yeast problem came raging back, even though I was on the sugar free version, I ended up w/ new and most of my old food sensitivities I'd already cleared, and my gut painfully bloated after everything I ate. Every pill I took felt like a rock going down, it was brutal.

    I already had a very resistant form of candida from 7 yrs back, when i took abx for 9 mths to try and treat 2 mycoplasm infections in my blood. Didn't work and after a few mths of treatment I started getting chronic vaginal yeast, which I have barely been able to get rid of all these years since. then after using natural antifungalsand getting it mostly under control, I switched to Nystatin hoping to really clear it, and that made it even more resistant and worse than ever. If I can get it to once a mth at ovulation, then I'm doing well, but taht's the best I've gotten it down to.

    If anyone has any ideas as to how to deal w/ this, feel free to brainstorm w/ me and jump in. It seems to be hormonally driven now, since ovulation time when our progesterone levels go up and estrogen levels decline seems to be the big trigger now, despite what I do w/ my diet. So for the most part I don't bother w/ a strict candida diet, because I deprived myself for years w/ it making so little difference.

    I do start each day w/ raw vegetables w/ my vitamin supplements and eat low sugar foods, take probiotics (3 kinds now), never drink pop or use artificial sweeteners and eat almost no fruit or juice except for low fructose ones like lemon, lime, tomato, avacado and grapefruit. I eat alm ost now refined carbs, most everyting is multigrain, but I do indulge in a few cookies, it's my indulgance and I ain't giving it up anymore, I also have cheeze and dairy. So I guess I mostly follow a low sugar diet, but don't avoid some of the restrictions on a candida diet like the, peanuts, yeasts and dairy. I actually don't think it's necessary, it made no difference when I did except when I had sensitivities to some of those foods.

    Being a nutritionist, I know the main reason all those none sugar foods are restricted is not because they are yeast forming, but because a body overcome by candida often develops many food sensitivies and avoiding these foods for a time can help a person figure out if they have those sensitivies and can help them get over the allergies and rebuild their gut lining and get stronger to fight the yeast.

    So now, after much research into new ways to deal w/ this, and some of your know I had alot of tricks up my sleeve, I'm using an array of antifungals and staggering them. Some candida specialists believe that staggering different antifungals is essential w/ resistant and mutated candida because the yeasts quickly become immune to whatever you use on them and can go into mycelial and latent forms, and switching will catch them off guard and stop then from escape by thwarting their defense mechanisms.

    I have a new problem that I never had though, and that's a problem taking antifungals, two problems actually. One is something that Stormy mentioned, that yeasts will feed off dead yeast when you use antifungals and you can get ricochete infections for awhile until you get the upper hand. this never happened before, I thought the new antifungals (all natural now, learned my lesson w/ rx meds) I tried weren't working. The other problem is even harder: I can only take any antifungal, even if it worked great for me in the past, for about a week before my immune system gets so weak I start getting severe chronic fatigue symptoms and worse yet asthma-like symptoms where it gets very hard to break. I've been cross dx'd w/ FM/CFS, but I have only shown CFS symptoms in acute phases when my MCS symptoms where out of control from being in a toxic environment for too long. I pretty much have FM and MCS and am fairly high energy compaired to many on this board. I am disabled, but more from MCS than anything, it really limits my ability to go out, but I can do normal activities just very limited.

    so this is the low down and this post is long enough, so I'll save my treatment regiment for the next post. And I'll keep this thread as i make progress, for I'm determined to finally get rid of this problem. Wish me luck and ask questions or share your own experience.

  2. KateMac329

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    Hey sweetheart!

    I don't have a single piece of helpful information but saw that no one has replied to your post so I wanted to bump it up to the first page for you.

    I believe I have a yeast problem too. I have not taken the steps to truly try to correct it though. I am a sweet junky. I used to eat really well before I got pregnant and then while pregnant with Landon I couldn't get enough sweets and junk.

    I am really trying to cut them down though!!! Well actually I **can't** really eat them now.

    Let me ask you a question...
    This is stomach and food related so maybe you can help me.

    I have been sick since I had Landon. That is three weeks today! Every time I eat I get extremely sick to my stomach. Food is beginning to be the enemy!

    I get really bad cramping (NO MATTER WHAT I EAT) and nausea. I can even feel the cramping all the way into my back! I have also had diahrrea EVERY single day since having Landon. Some days aren't as bad as others but I can't figure out what the heck is wrong!

    I am drinking water, juice, milk and sprite to try to keep my fluids up. The main thing I drink is water and juice. I throw in milk and sprite to help relieve my stomach.

    Anyway, I know you wrote this post to get information for yourself and I feel really bad asking you to help me! If you have any idea about what is going on PLEASE let me know!!!!!


    How is your depression doing? How long are your winters up there? That is one thing I am glad about living in the South, our winters aren't very long which helps with the SAD. But I still have regular depression too.

    Plus with Landon not letting me get any sleep at all I feel like a walking zombie and feeling very weepy. I have an appointment with a therapist in early March to help with post partem transition stuff. I don't know!

    I hope you are having a great day and feeling well today!


    P.S. I have been wanting to thank you for that really sweet post you made around the time Landon was born. You are right, having some help would be really nice!!!!! My husband's Mother calls once a week or so to tell me she is on her way to visit and I feel like I have to host her when she is here. It is very frustrating and depressing actually!

    Okay I need to stop! Gosh I am being a downer today!!! Can you tell I have only had two hours sleep! SERIOUSLY!



  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    Feel free to bombard my thread, it's so good to hear from you. I figured you were overwhelmed w/ all sorts of post partum problems, not to mention little Landon keeping you hopping.

    My depression is gone. Has been every since I've treated my adrenals w/ glandulars and used the full spectrum lamp about twice a day. It's amazing!!! After 20 yrs of major depressive SAD and multiple ad's and mood stabilizers, I thought I just had to live w/ it. My pain is sky high though because of treating the yeast, the die off is a bit tough, but when the yeast is winning it's even more painful.

    I'll have to reply in detail to your gut troubles later when I've had a chance to ungrog a bit more.

  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I take 3 different probiotics about 3-5 times a day, and that's not counting the antifungals I pulse w/. I gave sucha detailed post to explain that this isn't a simple case of candida I started out w/ before the abx, then the nystatin, then the Questran yrs later, it's like bionic yeast now.

    Thanks for the feedback though.

  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I used to take an antifungal supplement w/ pau, caprilic acid and GSE, it was pretty good. I've been meaning to get some and eventually add it to my pulsing regiment, it's nice and cheap too you said.

    As for garlic, I cook w/ it and use several cloves when I do. It didn't use to when i had it in food, but now I get a herx after eating it. I've tried taking small pieces raw w/ water, which is easy enough, but the herx was too painful, so i've even reduced how often I cook w/ it, but use tons of other hot spices and fresh ginger that are antifungal too, but gentler for me at this stage. I use alot of jalepenos lately too and get a herx after a meal w/ them. Ron and I love jalepenos though. I made a vow to get them regularly into my diet and I have in scrumptious ways.


    Tips for using jalepenos:

    - dress up your steaks, pork chops or whatever meat and potato meal by dicing a few slices of jalepeno (to taste) w/ a small onion and some bell peppers of choice and sauteing them until just tender in the meat drippings (or w/ oil) after you cook the meat
    - I add a sweet thai chili sauce to the veggies just before topping them on my pork chops

    - add them to rice w/ some combo of chili, spanish paprika, garlic powder, cayenne, parsley, tarragon, chives

    - add to a vegetable omelette

    - and of course to spagetti sauce
  6. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member

    So sorry you are having such a hard time with your yeast infection.

    Have you read the book "Breaking the vicious cycle"? That may provide some help. It would require following the specific carbohydrate diet, since you are a nutritionist perhaps you are already familiar with it.

    Have you tried ph balancing with alkalife drops? By creating a alkaline environment in your body it would be harder for the yeast to live.

    Have you tried any homeopathic remedies for the yeast infection?

    Would you mind providing some insight as to why you think the Questran is partly responsible for the worsening of your yeast infection? I had considered trying it, but I already have an aggressive yeast infection and wouldn't want to make it worse.

    Also can you post, for me, some information on what kind of light you purchased that has helped with your depression and your adrenals? How often do you use it and was it expensive?


    Best of luck with your yeast infection. (BTW...Are you under the care of a naturopathic or homeopathic doctor who could help you get rid of your infection?)

  7. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I looked in my health book, it listed alot of different stuff.
    The two main things were of course, acidophilus, and, Pau d'arco.
    Also mentioned flax seed oil as important, for healing, and preventing the fungus from destroying cells.

    Under herbs, it also mentioned clove tea, and maitake tea, for those who aren't responding to the Pau d'arco.
    Or to rotate them.

    Hope you get those beasties!!
    Are you sure it's only the yeast you are herxing with, maybe, something else is dying off also? (virus, bacteria?)
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  8. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Virgin coconut oil is fantastic for killing yeast. It is very effective. It has lauric acid and caprylic acid and something else which kill the yeast. I used it a few years and ago and herxed quite badly for about 11 days but it killed it. And you can take it regularly because it's good for you and that will keep the yeast in check on a regular basis without having to take harmful drugs.

    A good dose is two tablespoons a day, but you should probably start with one and see how you do. Go to the Tropical Traditions website and read about it.

    The coconut oil is good for your thyroid and other things. It's great stuff.

    Also - get some molybdenum. It is supposed to convert the yeast die-off into energy. I think if I had had molybdenum a few yeasr, my herx would have been much less severe. A recommended dose is 300 mcg. a day (two 150 mcg. tablets a day). Do a search for molybdenum on this board and you'll read about this.

    Good luck - this stuff really does work - I hope you give it a chance.


  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I'll just address the Stormy's 2nd garlic comments and the question of if I'm dealing w/ more than yeast, because they are easiest, for now, and I believe they are related.

    Yes, I'm definitely dealing w/ more than yeast, I've tested positive for 2 mycoplasms and may have other issues like Lyme. Some of the broader spectrum antibacterial supplements that are actually more geared to antibiotic and/or antiviral properties are the heaviest hitters for me and I can only take them in low or occasional doses. Thse are garlic, olive leaf extract and grapeseed extract.

    So to address the garlic thing again, it's up there w/ grapeseed extract as the two worst and unbearable herxes for me for now. I don't disqualify them forever, they will be good markers in the future to tell if I've gotten my total load down. I'll know if I can tolerate them that I'm getting somewhere.

    As I said, I still eat garlic, but I'm not going to supplement w/ it, you just don't know how painful it is. i also can't take it in supplement form because I always burp it up and get gutrot, funny because I'm fine w/ the fresh as long as it's in food, even raw like in hummus. I well knwo the benefits.

    And i do use a wide array of cold pressed and naturally occuring oils. I take salmon oil 4 grams/day, eat raw nuts, and use virgin olive and sunflower oil liberally. I also avoid hydrogenated oils like the black plague they are. They are actually getting banned in Canada. Yeah.

  10. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member


    I will be trying coconut oil and molybdenum. I know coconut contains caprylic acid, which has always been my best antifungal, I'm using caprylic now actually, I finally found a straight supplement that just contains co-factor vit/mins that the body needs to fight yeast as well, like biotin, vit C, zinc, cal/mag.

    I would be on molybdenum now, but i've checked everywhere and it's not sold as an isolate anymore in Ottawa. I'll have to order it.

    I'm holding off on coconut until the weather warms. Subzero temps and antifungals don't mix well, it's very hard on the body. So I'm not going full scale because I mentioned the terrible fatigue, chills (don't need that at -20 do I), and breathing difficulties I get if I push less than a week. I have to take a few days break every 5-7 days, or else. it's pretty brutal. But i am treating now, as aggressively as I dare, have no choice lately.


    You've posed some good questions, reply coming, but I'm pooped.
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  11. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    JenniferAnne reply

    The light lamp I got was a BlueMax desklamp by Full Spectrum solutions, easy to find in search. It was about less than $200 to ship it to Ottawa Canada from Michigan. At $160 american, it was one of the more reasonable and I love the portability and flexibility of the neck, it was also the only one w/ a dimmer switch so you can do task lighting too. It seemed to offer the best colour spectrum, you have to read all the print, and had the highest wattage. And it works, can't say enough about that, for depression, but also for my afternoon crash. I do 20 mins in the morning and another 10 about 3:00 and maybe at 5 -6:00.

    I started w/ Dr. Wilson's glandular combo of 5 glands called Adrenal Rebuilder, but had to order from Arizon, that got expensive. So I got seperate adrenal, liver and a weaker mixed thyroid blend and it worked out cheaper, but it's a pain to take the 3 different pills, but it worked as well if not better. Dr. Wilson's didn't have liver in his blend, and I knew I needed it because of low iron. I've run out of my glands and I won't let that happen again, everything crashes worse than before I started and half the depression comes back too. For me, the light therapy is onlypart of it, I need the glands and light to treat major depressive SAD.

    I've tried a few diets, but I stick to a healthy balanced one taht leans toward high protein, high fat and lots of complex carbs and raw. I did a very radical diet that was the first part of 4 phases and is only to be done for a mth, because it's so restrictive. Called the MEVY diet from "The Yeast Connection", it's meat, eggs, veggies and yogurt and not much else. it was brutally hard, no potatoes, rice, cereal, nothin, but it worked gangbusters w/out die off. My period at the end of it was easier than I'd had in years, almost no cramps, no need for narcotics. I realize now, half my pain is from yeast. I get severe back pain when it's gaining.

    I'm somewhat dabbling w/ alkalinity, but admit I'm too overwhelmed to really deal w/ it now. W/ the glandular supps, light therapy and antifungals and lots of regular vit/mins/EFA's, it's enough, not to mention constantly having to treat vaginal yeast internally.

    My experience w/ Questran probably wasn't typical. The terrible herx part is, b ut my gut was really corroded from it. Questran removes cholesterol from the body via the bile. Bile is corrosive and I already had Ibs and years of tenderness from chronic candida, I also already had low cholesterol. My doctor should have tested it, instead of assuming it was perfectly safe for me.

  12. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I did use a product similar to Candex that was an enzyme blend called CandiZyme. I'm not sure there is any such thing as no die off for me, even probiotics give me some symptoms most of the time. But I didn't get the typical painful herx or allergy symptoms from it, I just got sleepy, it was kind of nice actually.

    I'd forgotten about that, thanks for mentioning it. I may add it back in. It was rather expensive, over $30 for 45, but it did something though. How much is your supplement?

  13. jech1

    jech1 New Member

    Hi Jeanne,
    I've had the same problem with yeast. Nystatin has kept it some what at bay for me, but has not rid me of it. I suspect the nystatin is also causing my hair loss. The bad news is I think my most recent one more thing may explain my difficultly in getting rid of the yeast. Seems with everything else I'm now diabetic which also creates yeast problem. Hope this is not the case with you, but you might want to be checked in case.
    (bad day hope this makes sense)
  14. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    One more thing - I took caprylic acid by itself several times for yeast, and it was never effective against the yeast. It was like pouring money down the drain.

    But the coconut oil, which contains caprylic acid and lauric acid and something else which kills yeast (I can't remember the name), was effective almost immediately. I ws amazed. It was very powerful, much more so than caprylic acid all by itself.

  15. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I've heard that occasionally someone says c.a. doesn't work as an isolate. it does for me though, it's by far my favourite antifungal. I have 100 mg tablets and they are fairly gentle. if the coconut oil works better "by far" I'm glad I'm phasing it in later, maybe then I can tolerate it. I'm also thinking of getting the coconut cream instead of oil, it has 75% oil, but would be far more palatable and is packed w/ fibre and nutrients. Would be great in smoothies.

  16. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    "I have a yeast infection".

    Anyone see that annoying commercial?

    Discomfort isn't the word today. My pain if through the roof. I made cabbage rolls, or rather half made them, no mean feat for a normal person let alone a sickie like me.

    Someone asked if I've used homeopathy, yes I have. I'm using Traumeel cream liberally, but it doesn't work as well as arnica gel though. And one of my current antifungals is a broad spectrum a.f. that supports glands too. Only got 3 days out of it before the fatigue and shortness of breath hit me. Like a ton of bricks too, it is so hard to get a breath, dang. Well, guess I'll take a 4 day break from a.f.'s this time and collect my reserves a bit better.

  17. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    aloe vera juice is pretty good too, and plain yogurt works gangbusters for thrush. A few yogurt retentions a day and the thrush is gone,but thank goodness I've rarely gotten that.

    It took me two darn pain racked, exhausted (are these friggen things really work it?) days to make that batch of cabbage rolls. it's a big turkey roaster full though, and a batch will be served at our house warming party. Well it's more of a house payed off party, and to show off how we've settled in after the renos this summer and the little ones we've plugged away at since. His family throws tons of great dinners and this will be the first time I host one for them, so I want it to be good.

  18. cobie

    cobie New Member

    Dr Leo Galland recomends the probiotic saccharomyces Bouladii. He has a web site with lots of gut info. Goodluck
  19. FMhurts

    FMhurts New Member

    acidophilous and magnesium helps allot.
    You have to cut out the sugar. Yeast thrives on sugar.
    and sugar is in many forms ,pasta,bread,potatoes, and of course the good old snack foods.
    you have to starve the yeast while taking these supliments
    It worked for me. The acidophilus will restore normal bacteria to the stomach and intestines.
    as well as through out the whole body.
    the magnesium will restore the lining inside where the yeast has play havoc.
    hope this helps, you in some way.
    it has helped me, over come the over load of yeast.
  20. HagerTX

    HagerTX New Member

    We've talked before in another thread about yeast--I'm still not sure if yeast has been a factor with me--after I tried some anti yeast (non-sugar) diet for weeks on end plus taking probiotics and such. Either way I get curious about it now and again.

    Anyway, the garlic supplements you mentioned--will the garlic be on my breath the same way regular garlic will usually cause?

    Either way I may be open to shifting my diet (it's already strict as can be because of food allergies) and I thought adding probiotics and garlic supplements may help in some way.


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