My Battle With CFS and How I Won

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tanoshiende, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. tanoshiende

    tanoshiende New Member

    To develope any severe illness such as CFS, this did not
    happen over a short period of time, but a long progression
    of building a degenerative condition in the body. People
    with food allergy's can be much more prone to developing
    CFS. Many of us do not even know we have immune system
    compromising food allergy's.
    The most important thing to realize is, before we start any
    type of program to build up our immune system, we must first
    learn to illiminate foods and habits that are poison to us.

    I like to use the rule of 3. We start with the 3 most important things that the body requires.
    Since in many ways we are like plants, we require the cleanest air possible, cleanest water, and whole foods in their natural state as much as possible.
    The next important 3 are, eating no canned and preserved foods of any kind. No sugar and white flower products.
    Most important not to eat anything that has yeast in it.
    Bread, etc., etc. This is just the beginning of a new learning process. The mind becomes the student and the body becomes the teacher. We start to learn what are body
    is telling us. The beginning of being tuned to our bodys needs. This process takes a bit of discipline, but once we
    start on the road to building our immune system which has
    been severely compromised from toxification in the liver.
    Detoxification must take place at the body's own pace. Once we understand that there are no short cuts to detoxification,
    and are willing to let the body begin to clean house, we will begin to see healthful changes evolve. As we are climbing the ladder to good health and we backslide to some of our poison habits, our body will react in a way to let us know we are moving back, but not ahead towards good health. This is the beginning of the learning process.
    Now we will also start to develope a natural positive nature
    that has been there all along, but has been masked by bad health. We must be patient in the healing process because
    the condition we have, did not develope overnight and it will
    take a while to see great results, depending on our degree of discipline.
    Physiologically we are all the same, but not emotionally.
    If we give the body the proper attention, care and become open minded to change and new ideas that make sense. In most cases these are not new ideas at all. Then we can see great improvements to our health.
    From a person who was on the road to recovery from CFS in less than two years, and has maintained fine health for over 15 years. Our positive spirit is our most treasured asset. With out this to help us, we can be fighting a loosing battle.

    The ellimination process of poison food habits, is just the beginning. We have much more to learn.

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have heard people over and over state that about the food in particular.

    I agree...too much poison.

  3. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Congratulations!!! I think that anyone who has suffered with CFIDS or FMS and has been able to see an improvement in their health, has to have worked very hard at it. It definitely makes sense that what we eat is going to affect us either positively or negatively.

  4. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    this will sound stupid considering all the money i fork over on doctors and meds...
    ( no pun intendred..:)
    but i cant really afford to buy ' healthy foods'.
    i look at them and want them
    but just cant do it..
    yes, i know it doesnt make sence...
    maybe if i had ' food insurance' ha ha!!
    i would be able to do some.
    even right now our health insurance
    isnt that great. sigh...
    but i am thankful you are better
    thats for sure.
    and this still gives me hope
    to someday be able to do this..
  5. tanoshiende

    tanoshiende New Member

    If we eat fresh whole foods. Not over cooked foods and not microwaved foods, which do not have to be organic but fresh and clean. This will cost us less than regular, chemicalized, frozen or canned foods. But the purest water possible taken into our bodies, is as important as whole clean foods, if not more so!!!
    I will be 72 next February and I take no pharmacy medications. We can learn to reduce pharmacy medication dependency, but only if we take a keen interest in our body's
    needs. No matter what religion we might be, spiritual
    faith will be of great help in healing. ASAP, (Always Say
    A Prayer.) If not for ourselfs, but someone else!
  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I must agree; we can all eat healthy foods. Not necessarily organic although that is optimum but we can eliminate the junk - the processed foods, the sugar, the additives that we consume just about every time we eat prepared foods. We need to realize that we really aren't treating our bodies, we're poisoning them. Just like we wouldn't think of putting a cup of sugar in our car's gas tank we shouldn't put it in our body. Not that I stick to this 100% (still love an occasional ice cream Drumstick) but I'm a lot more careful than I used to be.

    It helps to shop the "perimeters" of the grocery store where fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins are found and stay away from the middle where the junk, canned and processed foods are. I thought it would cost me more to shop this way until I realized how much sugary, salty processed foods and drinks cost. Eliminate the bad stuff from your grocery cart and the cart won't be as full, thus it won't cost more. True thing!

  7. tanoshiende

    tanoshiende New Member

    It is quite simple, that we must agree if we are the only person in a family that has CFS, then we can not eat like everyone else. What is ok for them is poisen to us.

    Those of us who cannot change our minds cannot change anything!
  8. tanoshiende

    tanoshiende New Member

    Its cheaper to eat healthy than unhealthy, like the majority
    do. The maine problem being,it takes more effort to shop for foods and we have to do some personal research. Also we have to spend more time reading lables. Which can make us
    cross eyed counting the chemicals.

    Its much the same attitude of medications for the quick fix, because its an easy way out.

    Healing starts from within and no one else can do it for us.
    Only today and tomarrow counts. We learn from experiences.
    Not from mistakes. A little spiritual guidence will go a long way!
  9. ulala

    ulala New Member

    and your encouragement.

    I have been eating like this for a least a year. I have not been able to give up my one or two cups of Folgers coffee and once in awhile I slip and eat bread.

    If you do a search at the top for the username MATN she has posted a lot about how she has put herself into remission with an extreme eating plan. Please read her posts if you have time. I would be very interested in your comments.

    People argue about this subject because it is so difficult to get started. Someone posted about food allergy and we become addicted to the foods that we are allergic to. I know that I get addicted to bread. If it was up to my body I would live on corn chips, hot sauce and bread. I have kicked the corn chips and tomato habit but the bread has creeped up on me again.

    I appreciate posts like yours because I think we often feel it's not fair that we can't eat normally and it's almost inconceivable to many.

    Thanks for your posts!

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