~ My Blessings ~

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    ~ My Blessings ~

    My blessings out number
    The stars in the sky;
    Far too many to count.
    So, I don't even try.

    I wake up each morning
    To a beautiful day.
    This, too, is a blessing,
    In it's own way.

    God has so many
    Blessings He's planted.
    And sometimes, the best ones
    Are taken for granted ...

    Like our food and shelter,
    Our hearing and sight,
    And all of the stars
    That He brings out at night.

    We are able to walk
    And able to feel.
    We are blessed beyond measure
    With treasures so real.

    So, each night, at bedtime,
    When I start to pray,
    I thank the Lord for my blessings,
    At the end of each day.

    Many Blessings

    © 2002 by Vickie Lambdin