My blood`s a different colour! What`s yours like???

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    This morning I was washing down a radiator for painting and cut my palm, I had the surprise of my life because my blood was very bright - much pinker than the usual dark red...

    I started on Cytolog two weeks ago as well as having already introduced herbal teas etc into my daily diet.

    My energy levels took a sudden turn for the better this week, I assumed this was due to the Cytolog as my congestion improved 80% on the first day.

    That may not just be the case now as I know the new supplementry drink & food I am on all work on correcting any blood abnormalities.

    A cause of Chronic Fatigue are intercellular bacteria, and a lack of oxygen in the blood not being delivered to all vital parts of the body due to a fibrin build up.(like Teflon)

    I can only think it`s perhaps my change of diet that has created this difference in my blood, and general well being, I am sleeping better, wake feeling refreshed and sleep less hours too.

    I have been taking:- Herbal Teas ie Green tea, Ginger & lemon, Echinacea & Blackcurrent amongst some throughout the day and eating fresh garlic and lots of onion most days.

    I am also on flaxseed Oil, Digestive Enzymes, and also OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) from time to time too.

    All this lot will kill off ANY bacteria/viral/fungal growth in the body as well as eliminating stored toxins.

    I just wanted to share this news with you all...

    Love Pat.
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    Always has been
  3. CelticLadee

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    Hello Pat,
    I am so glad to hear you are feeling so good these days. It does my heart good to hear the cytolog is helping you so much along with the other things you take. I am going to my naturopath this Wed. and I am going to ask him what he knows about cytolog. He is a very smart man so he may be very helpful here. I'll let you know what he says. Due to all the grief I have for my sick dog I am in a flare. I haven't had this much trouble since before I took OLE. I am hoping my naturopath can help me out but have doubts. I am due for my follow up anyway so I will be getting retested for adrenal insufficiency and comprehensive detox test for my liver, etc. I am going to ask hime about testing for free T levels for the thyroid too. Klutzo & others have been talking about it recently and it seems like a good idea. Anyway.....

    I am always amazed when my blood is drawn at the lab what a rich dark red color it is. I am assuming there is a significance to the color of our blood. If it is too light does that mean you are anemic and too dark not enough oxygen? I haven't studied blood colors so I am guessing here. Is there a blood color variation among people genetically? Please tell me what you know when you have time. Thank you. My best to you. C.LaDee
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    Talk about stomp the little B*****s !! If that lot doesn't kill everything of then i can only suggest domestos !.

    Actually you seem to be on regime now that i hadbeen discussing with my MIL. She was taking the co digestive enzymes to help with digestion and also to clear her blood supply of fibrin etc. She concluded a full assault on all her symptoms was called for.she is aboutto start:

    digestive enzymes
    organic green tea (nagata from japan)
    flax oil / OLE interspersed

    Very interested in getting hold of the Cytolog as well, will try our herb guy, see if it can be ordered in.

    Please continue to post how you get on as you will be about 3 to 4 weeks infront of her ( although she realises that it don't always work the same) but i feel you are getting to the very level it starts and progresses from, ie, hidden virus / cells compromised / digestion disrupted / oxygenation shortened resulting in cells compromised etc again in a circle.

    interested in the cytolog for my wife also, she hasn't been diagnosed with anything but is PCOS / bad sinus problems / goes from high energy to dead slow in seconds....

    anyway, good luck to you and your daughter and as with everyone else, thanks for the huge time and effort you put into this site.
  5. Plantscaper

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    and are doing great!
    I wonder if I will ever figure out all the pieces of the puzzle..

    Has not been a very good day today...My car would not operate when I felt so bad before I went to the grocery store, after grocery shopping... It seemed like a marathon, before I found some help to get home..bad day on period..also, worked hard, yesterday and was paying for that, too..I hope the recoup by tomorrow..but it might take longer...

  6. PatPalmer

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    Hi Plantscaper, Sorry you`ve had such a rotton day, it`s so hard trying to do the *normal* things you want and need to do, - then the car playing up like that must`ve been hell.

    It`s been very hot here, and heat always takes it out of me.

    Saturday, I was going to help my husband with decorating, but all I could do was watch - till the evening when it cooled down enough for me to move again.
    Today`s cooler, we had new carpet laid and I was in full swing again - till about 4pm, crawled into bed and slept like a log for two hours, I feel great again, rejunivated.
    I`m sure you really want to hear that, but hope you are better some today...

    Celticladee, I remember Jelly saying how thick and dark her blood used to be, which became a healthier red as her health improved.

    Nigelmchale, Thanks for your reply. My daughter has/had (not sure now) PCOS, and had chronic sinus, which has improved immensely since being on the Cytolog.
    She is also coming up to her psychology exam next week and has been able to revise and remember the termonology too, i`m amazed.
    In answer to your question to me on another post, the blood type theory hasn`t kicked up much really in the end (must post this) But it started me off looking at blood seriously. Well, Jellybelly did initially, in her post on Hypercoagulation earlier this year... - Stunning piece of info. Have you read it? Tap the word in at the top if not, it`s there somewhere.
    I believe that by treating the blood with enzymes and natural antibiotics, it will in turn heal the rest of the body.
    I am interested to see how things progress, please keep me posted .

    Love Pat.

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