My body seems to be naturally trying to reject my teeth

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    My teeth feel so painful, that I've been loosening up my teeth roots by leavering around my neck and upper jaw to work them loose to try and gain some relief. It feels good that there's circulation around my teeth now to take away any toxins, but still I can sense the metal in my teeth, so, I've decided that I'm going to get the amalgum out as soon as possible. I'll be back to report on how it turns out.

    My teeth are healthy, by the way, according to my dentist.
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    See what the dentist says. And I hope you get a good one.
    And when you're might be able to treat yourelef to a few whitening treatments in the office. Mine worked out just fine. I really believe in the office whitening as opposed to the products on the market. It's such a self esteem booster.

    I hope you find the right dentist:Good luck and I wish you the best.
  3. -Jimbo-

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    Thanks for replying. I haven't even thought of whitening. If I get better, it would look good on a happy face. I've got to get rid of the frown first.

    Hugs back
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    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the ideas but I'm certain about this. I've been told many times that my teeth are ground a great deal and I get told not to bite them as that's why they hurt but I believe it's my teeth that just feel intolerable to my body, I just know it, I can feel it. The cause/symptom thing could work either way but because dentists believe amalgam is fine, they always dismiss my opinion. It's terribly easy to go along with a dentist who thinks they know so definately and then to doubt yourself. I'm not taking the chance. I'm going with my instincts and frankly knowledge that dentists don't seem to know. I've decided to get the amalgam out.

    Have a look at what the dentists should know but don't so are unable to advise:

    Thanks for the reply Sam I'll check out the water thing though, haven't heard of that one before.

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    but that is me and my prior dental assistant experience...of 12 years...2 years college and many patients...i have seen patients do the same as you are thinking and thousands of dollars later they still have the ms or other disease...but if it works for you great...

    dental insurance usually will not pay for it if there is not a cavity...i would say 100% won't but you never know about someone's that is...

    do you floss every night? have you had braces ever? do yo clench or grind your teeth? try some flossing, warm salt water rinses, sonicare toothbrush minimum 2 times a day...flossing daily...and yes you are not getting any younger like affects our mouths with need at minimum prophalaxix cleaning two times a year....are you a smoker? and some of your medications could be causing the sensation in your mouth...i got more bleeding with welbutrin...

    it is not your teeth you need to worry about because we can fix them it is your gums...if you have calculas in between your teeth and gums it acts like a sliver does, irritated and evenutally infected...

    but do what you want you may have tmj, a splint in your mouth could help...

    good luck

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    Thanks Nanna and Jodie,

    I'd like to get my teeth pulled but I'm only 37, want a tribe of kids and I need to be able to pull a nice lady for the job so I don't want to be toothless just yet.

    do you floss every night? no. I'll give it a go.

    have you had braces ever? ...yes, an orthodontist messed. around with my teeth even removing healthy ones. I feel like I'm fighting blockages in my upper jaw.

    do yo clench or grind your teeth? ...yes

    try some flossing, warm salt water rinses, sonicare toothbrush minimum 2 times a day, flossing daily ...ok

    you need at minimum prophalaxix cleaning two times a year ...I'll look into it

    are you a smoker? ...I enjoy some choice weed (no tobacco), One of my pleasures in life.

    calculas in between your teeth and gums it acts like a sliver does, irritated and evenutally infected ...hmm ok, I'll be flossing and cleaning before I get the amalgam replaced

    you may have tmj, a splint in your mouth could help... tried that but it just made it worse

    good luck ...thanks.

    Thanks for the feed back. I know what I've got to do now

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    It was the title of your post that struck me: "My body seems to be naturally trying to reject my teeth".

    I bring this up because us FMers seem to have bodies that are just on the defensive at all times, maybe because our immune systems are so screwed up. I'm a gal rather than a guy, but I've noticed this with tampons---never used to bother me, but since FM, it's like my body seems to reject them automatically, like it's trying to defend against some foreign invader. Same with pierced earrings---and others here have remarked on this as well in past posts---and other things like this, such as braces in the mouth or retainers, hearing aids in the ears, etc. There's something about FM that makes at least some of us have the feeling that anything "foreign" in or near the body needs to be rejected.

    So if you have a lot of metal in your mouth---even if you don't have issues with mercury overload, etc., it just may be that your body feels uncomfortable with it. Even if your dentist says your teeth are healthy, which they probably are.

    Anyway, just my two cents, your title was something I could identify with....

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    I did not grind my teeth at night but did have TMJ dysfunction, fortunately a bite guard really helped with that.

    Before and until a few years after having my amalgams removed I had teeth break off and my teeth had actualy become loose. Those problems resolved despite continuing demineralisation which I hope has stopped since taking vit D3, Ca and boron; these have brought an end to my constant deep bone pain.

    Ditto the advice to use a sonic toothbrush and gentle flossing. Before retiring I use a homepathic toothpaste and hydrogen peroxide mouthwash.

    Another area you might like to look into is infections in areas of dead bone following any extractions, root fillings etc.

    My dentist has been great over all of this; if I could find a GP, or specialist within our state funded health care system, with a similar attitude my life would have been so much easier over the years I've been ill. My dentist will only treat conservatively himself but he is open to learning from those who understand what is often going wrong in these DDs.

    love, Tansy<br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 12/29/2005</i>]
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    Oh my god, don't hate me, I'm going to have to admit this. I flossed my teeth, been brushing them a lot and the irritation went down What a fool I am what's even more incredible is that I just went to a chiropractor, who's going to believe a word of this after being on such a mission with unflossed teeth? I'll go on anyway because this is true:

    I just went to a chiropractor who I see regularly but he wasn't there. A locum was there in his place. He adjusted me there and then. And told me to come back as he said that he'd have to sort something out later. Later in the evening I was sitting on the sofa having a beer with a friend and my neck seemed to relax and I was able to stretch my jaw which instantly corrected where cheek bone had been stuck for years. I was left with extreme nausia and a very odd sensation in my neck I was so scared, I moved my neck and let it tense up again so I didn't feel sick. This could mean that the cause of years of pain and 12 years off work and hopefully my fibromyalgia could have been found. I'm sitting here right now with the sensation of a knitting needle through my neck. I just wrote to the locum for help. Hope this is it. Thankyou Janice I might not have popped in and caught the locum while he was there if my teeth didn't feel better!

    About the marijuana, I think I'll do a new topic on that because it helps me alot...

    Thankyou all for the replies

  10. -Jimbo-

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    I'll be trying the sensodyne for sure, I've never thought of putting peroxide in my mouth though, sounds very drastic, What does that do? Whiten them or stop the sensitivity?

    Thankyou for the prayers.
  11. sdown

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    I had my amalgam fillings removed 3 years ago. This was recommended by my doctor. The doc did some metal testing and I had a serious overload of mercury poisoning. I was placed on blood thinners (heparin) for 18 months to improve my circulation which it did. I went thru DMPS treatments (which is a type of chelation after the mercury fillings were removed). This helped alot with the brain fog. The doc said the mercury had a very negative effect on my immune system which caused all my health problems such as Addison's disease (adrenal gland exhaustion) and anemia. Good luck to you. I hope you have an experienced dentist that has done removal of fillings before.
  12. ldbgcoleman

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    I also was in the dental industry for over 20 years. Please do not even consider pulling your teeth. I am hoping that was a joke. That will be the beginning of much larger problems. Eventually the bony ridge that supports the tooth structure will wear down leaving nothing for the denture to grab onto leaving you with chewing problems and this affect the whole body health.

    You should start with proper dental care. Flossing at least once daily. Flouride rinse. Brushing after every meal. Prphys at least 2 times per year. And I think you probably have TMJ so find a dentist that can gve you a proper splint to correct this problem.

    Do not do whitening or use whitening products if you have sensitive teeth and gums. This will only make it worse. Do use Sensodyne or Colgate sensitive. But not sensitive toothpast with whitening or tarter control.

    Your teeth are extremely important to your overall health. The affect everything including digestion. Also taking care of your dental health sets a good example for those children you mentioned.

    It is my humble opinion that removing the Amalgums probaly will not help and if it is not done properly by someone who knows what they are doing the removal can actually release mercury so if you do it be careful.

    Good Luck! Lynn
  13. hehmommy

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    The best thing to do for your overall health is to try to take care of the teeth you already have. The only reason to get dentures is if your teeth all all rotting out or falling out. Flossing is a biggy. It is amazing what is left behind even after thinking you brushed well. Actually the flossing is more important than the brushing believe it or not. Also finding a good rinse might help too. I always get atleast one good scaling done on my teeth once a year if I haven't been good about flossing. If you do these things now then you have a better chance of feeling better. Yes, teeth play a huge part in your overall health and well being. It is so important to take care teeth then your body will love you for it. I use to be so afraid of going to the dentists after years of having work done. Then I let this one tooth go because I was scared to go and if I would have gone in the first place I wouldn't have had to have a root canal and crown done. Come to find out the root canal was just like having a filling down. Not scary like they said. I think if most people could get over their fears of the dentist then they would be better off. Now only if I could get my dentist to believe how bad these filling are for you. I have had 2 teeth filled and he still won't do the tooth colored ones. UGH!! I already have so many filling in my mouth from many many years ago so for me I am not sure I would even notice a difference or if it would be worth the money to have them all removed. I am just focusing on keeping my smile healthy as possible for now then maybe down the line I will consider having a few removed to see if I see any difference. Good luck and keep flossing everyday before bed.
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    same stuff for me! Found out many years ago:

    brush twice a day, any less not good for gums, plaque removal; any more and you can wear down the enamel.

    ONLY use sensodyne, not crest for sensative teeth, not aqua fresh for sensative. sensodyne.

    rinse and gargle with half peroxide and half mouthwash, sugarfree.

    cannot manage "big people floss". so i keep a bag of those floss picks with me everywhere; one in my desk, in my purse, in my truck, and at home. cheap too, like 1 buck and half for 100 . . . . .

    I didn't like the sonicare, the little plastic overhang kept hitting my teeth, and well I can't type out here what I yelled. The battery operated Oral-B by Braun works best for me. small round compact head so I was able to get all the way in the back, jaw problems don't let me open it too wide (not fibro related, ex-boyfriend and dom.violence) the crest one has that extra bristle part that doesn't move, again too big too reach all around the back teeth.

    well, thar'ya'go

  15. -Jimbo-

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    Thankyou for all the replies, I've been well educated now. I should come and talk more often to avoid making a fool of myself. I can't wait for the technology for us to be able to speak to each other and see each other over the net, the technology can't be far away now.
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    I used to have good teeth until this past two years.I dont know if its this disease or the meds im on but it seems like i have a cavity in just about every tooth.Two weeks ago one fell out and one broke.I hate going to the dentist cause i have TMJ and its so painful to have anyone mess with my mouth.Im at a loss i just dont know what too do anymore.
    Let us know how it works out.
  17. 69mach1

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    you can really get around in your mouth a little better than w/adut toothbrushes....behind the molars.

    sonicare is the best around! flossing is the best for between teeth....

    jimbo, the braces can cause root foreshortening because of too fast of movement with the braces....experienced dentists only...the navey moved my ex-husbands and i told him they were move them too rapidly, well he has lost 2 teeth already and he is oly 39...he lost those in his mid 30's....

    and food for thought, to replace the fillings w/composit fillings means they will have to cut away more tooth...which weakens the tooth...which could mean crowns/and or root canals in our future....

    anyways do what you want...

  18. Manwithfibro

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    I always had no cavities when I went, now I need 8 fillings (actually 6 more - I had 2 done yesterday and feel miserable).

    Dentist does not know why this is happening...any clue? What is the link between FM and teeth problems?

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    What dentists is agreeing to replace your dental amalgam with something else? What's the address? My dentists refuse to do it..&lt;BR&gt;
    I'm a new poster to this site! I have CFS/FM
  20. destinygsmom

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    What dentist removed your Amalgam, I've been told to have mine removed because of my CFS; so far no dentist agrees though, to do it! Dentist name &amp; address, please..